Business has many brilliant ideas. She is all about scalable visions and flawless execution...

BUT her ideas often involve something technical. She is not so good with all those fancy Tech Acronyms and doesn't really know where to start.


Tech is Very Good with computers. Web, iOS, Android, systems, data, analytics, you name it...

BUT he is not really into the marketing linguo. Finds all those visions too fluffy — he just wants to know what exactly needs to be fixed.

Luckily, one day they had Chimplie.

He just happened to pick up the best of all traits...

He understands user behaviour, business plans & monetization.

But also knows what technology is out there, how it works and how it helps.

Chimplie can help you with:

  • Product design and development
  • Data, metrics and analytics
  • Digitalization and automation

Let's get in touch =)