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Each Wednesday I hope to inspire others to be healthier; stronger in mind and body.

Whether that means introducing you to a new workout that I enjoy, creating my own workout to share, giving my opinion on dieting and food, or simply offering advice on how to find time in your schedule for YOU; each Wednesday will offer something for the healthier side of life, physically and mentally.

Workout Wednesday #16

Workout Wednesday #15: 5 Best Leg Exercises For Pregnancy

Legs, especially the thighs, get hit particularly hard when women are pregnant as the hormone estrogen causing more weight gain in this area. However, there are 5, easy exercises that you can do to combat this issue.

Workout Wednesday #15

Ten, 10 Minute Workouts To Jump Start Your Fitness

on those busy days where i just can’t seem to find time for a full workout, I have found that doing ten minutes here and ten minutes there, does the trick. The following 10 videos are 10 minute workouts that you can start and end your day with. Give your morning a jump start and finish of the day with a little pick me up!

Workout Wednesday #14

April’s Featured Trainer on Workout Wednesday’s!

March has flown by and we have straight into April.  A new month means a new Featured YouTube Trainer! So far this year we have focused on female trainers, Tiffany Rothe and Josephine from Gymra, so today I have decided we need a male presence in our workout lives!

s my first, male featured trainer, I have chosen another Gymra associate: Phong Tran. I really love this guy because his routines are dynamic, with various levels of difficulty, make him perfect for the beginner or the more seasoned fitness guru….

Workout Wednesday #13

How To Start A Workout Routine TODAY

If there is one thing that I hear A LOT, it’s that people “really need to get back into a workout routine” but just don’t know where to start.

Let me assure you, getting started is the hardest part. However, beginning a workout routine will improve your physical and mental health almost immediately. It’s something that you NEED to do. I”m not saying that you jump straight into competitive Crossfit or running marathons, but this article will help you find something that works for you!

Workout Wednesday #12

Spring Break Workout Challenge!

Spring is officially in the air!

That means sunshine, flowers, birds singing at 5am….it’s also a sign that bathing suit weather is just a hop, skip and jump away!

I created this workout challenge to help you boost your workout or spring into one to get ready for the shorts, tank tops, and, yes, bathing suits that come with hot days. Let’s get moving!

Workout Wednesday #11

5 Tricks To Eating Healthy On The Go

As a mother of five with the 4H fair season approaching, baseball practice starting for 2 of my kids, plus school trips, projects, and my own work schedule to pack in, I know how easy it is to jump on the burger and fry, drive through bandwagon.

The problem arises when this occurs daily. When your busy life gets so far ahead of you that each lunch hour is a lesson on what NOT to eat regularly.

Being an “on the go” person myself I have a few tips for those of you that want to make your lunches a bit healthier and thus increase your overall wellness.

Workout Wednesday #10

Workout Wednesday #10: 10 Minute Body Weight Workout

This week I am bringing you a 10 minute, body weight workout. That means no dumbbells, no kettlebells, no bars. Just you and a tiny bit of your time!

Workout Wednesday #9

Another month has rolled around and we are saying goodbye to February! Which means it is time to introduce March’s featured trainer!

This month I have chosen a woman who has been a personal favorite of mine for over 5 years; Tiffany Rothe.

Workout Wednesday #8

I think by now everyone knows that when your body is healthy your mind will follow. You will be less prone to depression, injury and illness.

Nevertheless, germs are freaking everywhere! Between snotty kids, less than cleanly co-workers, and dirty doorknobs EVERYWHERE, everyone is bound to get sick at some point.

Nevertheless, working out through your illness can actually help you fight germs and build up your immune system!

Workout Wednesday #7

There are a million and one diets out there that the experts swear will make you drop weight, gain muscle, lose fat, become a new you…blah blah blah.

There’s only one draw back; you can’t eat sugar, carbs, red meat, egg yolks, etc You have to replace dessert, burgers, and bread with kale smoothies, cardboard protein shakes, and raw vegetables. Good luck. Read on for more info on how to make your diet a lifestyle change you can stick with!

Workout Wednesday #6

For this week I  put together a great, 10 minute, abdominal workout! It’s a quickie, and who doesn’t have time for that! Ha!

Workout Wednesday #5

I am super excited this week to introduce a new feature of this series that will help you stay motivated, find a variety of fun, at home workouts, and try new styles of fitness!

For our first Featured Trainer I have chosen Josephine, a Gymra trainer who is particularly excited about fitness and eager to show you how to use interval training to tone and shed unwanted pounds. Click HERE for the full article!

Workout Wednesday #4

Since I began this series 4 weeks ago, I have heard a lot of mom’s say they “need to find the motivation to get to the gym” or “get back in shape” or “eat right,” etc.

I think this is an important topic, and one that can benefit a lot of people who simply aren’t “motivated” to change their lifestyle, despite a desire to change their bodies for the better.

Whether you want to gain strength, tone muscle, or lose weight; you need motivation to get the ball rolling. Click HERE for the full article!

Workout Wednesday #3

I can’t believe we are already on week 3 of Workout Wednesdays! We have already learned the proper form for squats, deadlifts, and push-ups in Week 1 and then put those moves together in a Tabata workout last week for Week 2.

This week we are once again going to go over a few key moves.

I have had multiple people ask me for some advice on how to properly do burpees, so we will start with those. Next we will go over how to to Dummbell Cleans and Kettlebell Swings. All of these moves are great for getting your heart rate up while also using resistance to gain strength and burn fat. Click HERE to read the full article!

Workout Wednesday #2

Last week I went over how to properly do a push-up, squat, and deadlift. This week, I thought it would be great to incorporate a few of these moves in a workout that is great for every fitness level.

The Tabata workout it is a Crossfit workout that consists of 8 rounds of a one movement. One round consists of 20 seconds of work and ten seconds of rest. We repeat these rounds with 4 total movements…..Click the picture to see the full post!

Workout Wednesday #1

This week, as an introduction, I thought it might be a good idea to give an introduction to 3 key strength moves and how to perform them without injuring yourself.

The squat, dead-lift, and push-up are 3 core moves that, put together, are a workout in themselves but are also often inserted in any number of workout combinations that you will find on DVD’s, on YouTube, or will be used at your local gym or by your personal trainer…… Click on the picture for the full post!




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