Workout Wednesday’s #9: March Featured Trainer- Tiffany Rothe!

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Another month has rolled around and we are saying goodbye to February! Which means it is time to introduce March’s featured trainer!

This month I have chosen a woman who has been a personal favorite of mine for over 5 years; Tiffany Rothe.

There are so many trainers out there to choose from; high intensity, low intensity, strict programming, dance….

Tiffany Rothe does a bit of everything with her own fabulous flare. Don’t be shocked by some of her skimpier outfits. Her motto is to be “fit, fierce and fabulous” and she all about bringing the sexy back to the female form.

I appreciate her easy going attitude and desire to help women feel beautiful. She isn’t advertising for stick figures or fitness models. She simply wants to help real women feel good about themselves.

The following workout is the first one I ever did with Tiffany Rothe and it really embodies everything about her fitness philosophy; helping women find their “sexy, short workout time, and tough moves!

In each of her 10 minute workouts she suggests repeating the workout for a total of 3 times. I prefer to do 3 separate workouts of hers rather than repeat the same one over and over.

Another one I love is this, no wieghts, ab workout. These moves seem more like fun than hard work, but trust me your waist will feel it in the morning!

My final favorite for this week will be Tiffany’s Mountain Climber Workout. This one does require light weights and will get your blood moving fast! Trust me, you want LIGHT weights with these moves to start. 3-5 pounds is a good place to start.

Please let me know what you think about Tiffany Rothe and her amazing and fun workouts!

See you next week for Workout Wednesday #10!


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18 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday’s #9: March Featured Trainer- Tiffany Rothe!

  1. I love these posts you always have some great trainers and workouts. I am working really hard at getting more physically active this year and I find these to be quite helpful. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Thank you so much for sharing her workouts, I hadn’t heard of her before but am definitely going to try these out. Simple but effective workouts are what I need!

  3. What an inspiring blog for Tiffany! I hope she sees this one day to see how her passion is inspiring other women to get into the gym!

  4. Ooh, she sounds so amazing! I love quick workouts, I am definitely going to be checking her videos out!

  5. This is great. Love meeting new faces that can help influence especially when it comes to work outs! Nice to see all she does!

  6. I so need to start working out. The hubs and I just decided on taking a couples only vacation this summer to the beach, and I have got to whip myself into shape! This is great motivation!

  7. I love reading about every PT’s background. It’s interesting to see how they got started and what inspired them.

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