Workout Wednesday #17: Featured Trainer: Cindy Whitmarsh

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It’s time for another Workout Wednesday Featured Trainer!

May is just around the corner, which means bathing suit weather is fast approaching. I don’t know about you, but no matter how fit I feel, I always work a little bit harder when I know It’s close to time to showing off a bit more skin!

Therefore, it’s time to introduce to you one of my favorite, fat burning YouTube Trainers!

Cindy Whitmarsh specializes in lighter weights and more reps with cardio bursts in between. This fitness method will help you tone up quickly while burning fat to bring out those sexy muscles!

Many of Cindy’s workouts are also organized into 10-12 minute routines, giving you the time to fit exercise into your day wherever possible.  Routines that exceed these times are still only around 20 minutes and will push you hard, getting the most out of your workout and helping you feel the best possible about your body.

Fat Burn Cardio Workout w/Cindy Whitmarsh

I love this workout. In 20 minute you will work your muscles, incorporate plyometrics movements to increase fat burn, and your heart rate will skyrocket! In only 20 minutes your body will be pushed to the max!

Cindy Whitmarsh: 10 minute solutions

Don’t be turned off by the length of this video. While the entire workout, stretching included, is 50 minutes, each individual workout is only 10 minutes. In this workout Cindy gives you two leg, butt and thigh routines as well as one routine for toning your arms and another for your abs. Pick and choose what you want to do in a day, if you’re a read bad-A go for the whole the thing! Also be careful to choose weights that the appropriate heaviness. You should tired by the final rep of each exercise. I add weights to the leg workouts as well, but that is up to you and your fitness level.

Cindy Whitmarsh: sexy and strong

These next three workouts I am simply going to include the links to. I love these workouts as they are each only 12 minutes, each focus on a different part of body, and leave me sore and happy! My muscles always get a great workout with each of these workouts and yours will too!

For your abs check out:

Sexy & Strong Calorie Burn: Six-Pack Ab Calorie Burn

For a great booty lift do this!

Booty Burn Workout

And to one your arms start with this:

Sexy & Strong Calorie Burn: Upper Body Burn

Please let me know what you think about Cindy and her amazing workouts! I include at least one of her workouts in my routine each week; she is so fun to workout with!




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