Valentines Day Chocolate Pizza

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For our family, Valentines Day is more about having a fun day with lots of treats and crafts than it as about LOVE.

I have fun buying silly gifts and heart shaped chocolate and making a dinner inspired by flowers, hearts, and anything else lovey dovey.

My favorite dessert to make is also super simple, which gives it extra points in my book!

Chocolate pizza! All you need are 4 ingredients (unless you’re gonna go all “supermom” and make the crust from scratch!) and a little love…yeah, yeah, sappy, I know.


Nutella (Large)

1/2 pound Strawberries, sliced thinly

Whipped Cream

Pizza crust

With the crust you can go 1 of three ways. You can supermom it out and make it from scratch, you can go the way of refrigerated pizza crust (just shape and bake) or you can buy crust that’s already baked in the pasta sauce/pizza aisle and shape it by shaving off the edges (or keep it round, it’s gonna be delicious no matter what shape it is!)

I prefer the crust you buy in a can. I love smacking that thing against the counter to pop it open! Makes me feel WO-manly!

Simply roll it out on a pan with a little flour underneath and shape it into whatever you’d like. I went for a heart and it didn’t turn out half bad!

Next, bake it according to the directions on the package

After you let the crust cool a tad (not too long, you want it to still be warm so that the chocolate spreads easier) grab a spatula and slather on a generous amount of Nutella. This is honestly the hardest part!

Grab your sliced strawberries and decorate however you would like. I chose to line the heart to make it stand out a bit, but my husband prefers when I cover the whole thing in strawberries, kind of like pepperoni on a pizza!

Slice and enjoy with a dollop of whipped cream!

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2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Chocolate Pizza

  1. Hi Brandi, i bought one of the pizza crusts in the can for last Friday’s bad food night (Fridays are our days for bad food and worse television). And the pop the can made as I opened it was very satisfying. We had ours as garlic bread, but this chocolate pizza would have gone down even better. I will have to remember this recipe for when we get fresh strawberries in the shops.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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