Ten, 10 Minute Workouts To Jump Start Your Fitness

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There are some days where I just don’t have the time or energy to put in a 30 minute workout. Works, kids, traffic, errands, LIFE gets in the way of my workout time.

However, I find that my mood, my emotional wellness, and my physical energy levels are effected negatively if I skip my fitness routine. I need a little fitness to jump start my day.

Therefore, on those busy days where i just can’t seem to find time for a full workout, I have found that doing ten minutes here and ten minutes there, does the trick. The following 10 videos are 10 minute workouts that you can start and end your day with. Give your morning a jump start and finish of the day with a little pick me up!

1. Steve Maresca– I love this workout! Steve has an incredible, infectious vitality about him that gives you motivation to keep on working! This 10 minute workout is for your entire body! To add difficulty you can 3-5lb weights!

2. 10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout – This Kettle Bell workout from Gymra is another of my favorites, and don’t be turned off my the fancy equipment, you can do this workout with a dumbbell as well! This is another total body fitness routine, so get ready to sweat!

3. Jessica Smith Cardio- This routine is great to get your heart rate going strong at the start of the day! Jessica gives a high intensity fat blast, cardio workout to burn calories and give you energy throughout the day!

4. Jessica Smith Power Walk- Another workout with Jessica, this one is great for those days where you need energy, but wake up dragging your feet! Don’t be fooled by the “walk,” you will get your heart rate up, however, unlike the previous workout, there are no high intensity movements.

5. 10 Minute Abs- Cindy Whitmarsh is one of my favorite trainers on YouTube! This ab workout is perfect for building muscle and burning fat quickly and without doing hundreds of sit-ups! While there is one set of crunches, the rest of this routine is filled with dynamic and fun movements to really bring out that six pack! This workout is perfect for an end to the day, it will help you build muscle and burn fat, but without high intensity movements that will keep you up past bedtime!

6. !0 Minute Booty Burn- This is another one by Cindy and is my go to booty burner. Each movement in this routine is designed to work every muscles in and around your booty, and trust me, it works!

7. Cardio Jump- This is another great workout to start your day! This cardio jump workout is designed to burn calories while giving you energy to make it through your busy day! Your heart rate will skyrocket with these high intensity movements, just remember, it’s only 10 minutes, you can do it!

8. 10 Minute Arms- This is the final workout featuring Cindy Whitmarsh! I love this arm workout because it not only sculpts every aspect of my arms, wiping away jiggles, it also provides an ab workout on the side, asĀ  many of the movements are done in the plank position!

9. Total Body Workout With Dumbells- This is another workout by Gymra, one of my favorite fitness companies! I love dumbbell workouts,as you can change the intensity and difficulty simply by adding or taking away weight!

10. Cardio Burn– Here is a final cardio routine for you, another one that is great to start the day with. Get your heart pumping with these quick, fun moves, while also burning fat!

Start and end your day with one of these 10 workouts and you will begin to feel better, emotionally and physically!

What are your favorite “quickie” workouts?

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