Break Summer Boredom With Kids Obstacle Challenge!

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I don’t know what it is about summer, but my children suddenly lose all of their ability to find fun things to do on their own. In my desire to keep them away from constantly twiddling their thumbs with video games and also create lasting memories, I thought the Kids Obstacle Challenge would be super fun! Judging from the picture below, I think we can call it a success!

This was quite a change from their before the race picture!

I have always wanted to have an obstacle course adventure with my kids, and this is definitely the best one around! Especially because parents run FREE and kids can run as many times they want simply by purchasing an additional $5 band!!!

With rock walls, mud pits, rope swings, cargo nets and more, this course was the perfect combination of difficulty and fun! The length is about 1.5-2 miles, and I was impressed with how hard my kids worked to beat me! They were tiny beasts of agility and fitness!

I got my 7 and 9 year old to run with me again…what rockstars!

This is such a great way to beat the couch potato mentality!  Plus, I was so happy with how proud of themselves they were!

Taking pride in your accomplishments is a big deal as kid, such a big deal that they were super nice to each other and didn’t fight for over an hour! That alone is worth the trip in my book!

From our youngest runner at age 5, up to our oldest, age 11, everyone had a blast! My husband had perhaps the best time as he and our 5 year old pretended they were soldiers as they army crawled through the jungle (AKA mud pit). 

Everyone also earned a really awesome medal for their hard work that they will treasure for a lifetime! Viktor (age 5) keeps telling us how grateful he is that he finally got to earn his very own medal. They key word here is EARN. He EARNED it, working hard and using skills to complete a fun, yet challenging set of obstacles. I am so proud of him and all my runners for delving right in and having fun while kicking butt!

Aside from all the fun we had running the course, Kids Obstacle Challenge also set up a fantastic warm up section and got the kids all riled up to run by squirting them with giant squirt guns as they did jumping jacks and squats!

There are more of these courses coming up in Arizona and Washington as well as in Las Angeles, Sacramento,  San Diego and the Bay Area of California! Register now to get early bird times and prices! Plus, my readers receive an extra 15% off tickets with code MUDDYFUN15! Just head to Kids Obstacle Challenge to view the coupon and then click “website” to buy your tickets and get more information!

Give your kids the chance to release their inner beast and push themselves, all while getting covered in mud together as a family! Prepare to Brave Your Adventure and have some family fun!



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