Colorado Pumpkin Patch; The Best Place For Fall Fun In The Colorado Springs Area!

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While fall inevitably means that winter is coming, and I’m going to be cold for 4 months, it also brings SO much excitement to my family! Fall means Pumpkin Patch time! We Love exploring the Pumpkin Patches in our area each year. This year we were privileged to explore The Colorado Pumpkin Patch, which is definitely one of the best places for fall fun in the Colorado Springs Area!

While this pumpkin patch does not have “you pick ’em” pumpkins they do have a great fenced in area to close pre picked pumpkins. However, the gourds are honestly not the reason you come to this patch! There are so many fun activities for the kids that you could easily (and we did) spend the whole day here!

We headed to the massive slide first. We could have spend another 30 minutes here, but we couldn’t take any more of our 3 year old insisting we go down with him….while those bumps are ok for tiny butts they wreak havoc on adults!

Our next stop was the corn boxes, always a blast but make sure you clean out everyones pockets before you do laundry!

I was particularly impressed with some of the more inventive activities at this pumpkin patch, such as the Human Foos Ball

and Lazer Tag! This was the perfect place to ditch the kids and take a load off for us pooped parents! Our kids found tons of friends to shoot with and could have spent allday in this area.

We also really enjoyed the pumpkin shaped jump pillows,

* Note that they were currently fetching more gas for the generators during this picture and the pillows were slightly deflated for a moment

and life sized board games such as Jenga, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Checkers.

Take note that the tractor and pony rides are rather costly and that prices are not clearly posted, we wanted for 30 minutes for pony rides and it was almost our turn when someone finally came around asking for $8 per 3 minute ride….This is definitely not feasible for our large family and I wish we had known before we wasted time in line.

Despite our pony ride set back, we had a wonderful time at the Colorado Pumpkin Patch! We brought our own lunch as we didn’t know what to expect, however there was plenty of food to purchase on site and next time I definitely want to try some of their creations!

Right now you can get a Free drink (with paid admission) at the Colorado Pumpkin Patch! Grab a soda, bottled water, flavored tea or other drink valued at the concession stand valid for up to four admissions! Just click HERE for your special coupon!

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That Time My Kids Touched The Elf

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The Elf On The Shelf is a tradition that….

drives parents crazy!

Sure this guy/gal is loveable to the children it watches over so carefully. However, it is also almost irresistable to the sticky fingers that so desperately want a tangible way to interact with Santa!

As we all know from the CAPTIVATING Elf On The Shelf move, our children, sadly, cannot tough their elves lest they lose the magic that allows them to fly home to Santa each night.  So what are parents to do when tiny fingers won’t listen?

We came across this problem when our Elf, Huckleberry Snow, made a particularly funny appearance for my daughter’s birthday.

The little jerk made chocolate turds in my wine glass!

Of course, my 4 and 2 year old couldn’t resist sneaking all the chocolate on the table. Totally understandable. However, when my four year old picked up the elf to pop more of his poops into his mouth…I called a halt and reminded him that Huckleberry Snow would lost his powers now.

Selfish/Stealing Child = Dead Elf

Why did I say that!? How was the elf going to lose his powers? I wanted to make my point about taking things without asking and also avoid breaking all their tiny hearts!

The solution? The elf turned up the next morning…


That’s right. He propped himself on a cot on our tree and prominently displayed his bandaged leg to my kids.

He came complete with a letter from Santa:

My son felt so bad that he insisted on baking our elf cookies to help him feel better and asked for in writing an apology letter. my other children chimed in as well and helped bring huckleberry Snow extra Christmas cheer while he recovered!

Best of all?

we got a 3 night break from remembering the elf!

Have your kids ever touched the Elf?

If your elf ever forgets to move, check out this post, “10 Reasons Your Elf Didn’t Move Last Night”! Or if your fed up with him/her, read this, “Daydreams Of Ending An Elf!”


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Boozy Irish Shake For St. Paddy’s Day

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I really enjoy anything with ice cream in it. In my opinion, Ice Cream should be it’s own food group!

As a mom and bartender, I also enjoy booze every now and then.  Ok, sometimes I NEED the booze after a particularly rough day of 5 tiny heathens fighting constantly!

Thus, in my little world, a Boozy Ice Cream shake is the Bee’s Knees! (I have also included a non-alcholic option at the bottom!) Continue reading “Boozy Irish Shake For St. Paddy’s Day”

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Valentines Day Chocolate Pizza

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For our family, Valentines Day is more about having a fun day with lots of treats and crafts than it as about LOVE.

I have fun buying silly gifts and heart shaped chocolate and making a dinner inspired by flowers, hearts, and anything else lovey dovey.

My favorite dessert to make is also super simple, which gives it extra points in my book!

Chocolate pizza! All you need are 4 ingredients (unless you’re gonna go all “supermom” and make the crust from scratch!) and a little love…yeah, yeah, sappy, I know. Continue reading “Valentines Day Chocolate Pizza”

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Surprise Jewelry Scented Massage Candles!

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Who doesn’t love a great massage surrounded by the soft light of glowing candles? In fact it’s the perfect Valentines Day ambience!Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle

Karen Michelle has created the perfect candle for this occasion! When lit the delicious smelling wax turns into luscious massage oil that also hides a special surprise.

Each candle contain a piece of jewelry in the center, valued anywhere from $10-10,000! Continue reading “Surprise Jewelry Scented Massage Candles!”

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Goodbye 2016, I’m Not Sure I’ll Miss You, But I Will Remember You

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I’m not a big fan of reviewing my year for my readers….I can’t imagine that anyone wants an overview of the minute details of my mostly mundane life.

However, 2016 has been a year filled with ups and downs, unanswered questions, disappointment, new adventures, and a whole lot of love.

So rather than share my everyday life for the last 365 days, I would rather share some revelations from this year; the things that I have seen more clearly or loved more dearly. Continue reading “Goodbye 2016, I’m Not Sure I’ll Miss You, But I Will Remember You”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Fav Christmas Gifts 2016

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Welcome to Fabulous Amazon Fridays! I love sharing my expertise and personal style, and what better way to do that than through one of the largest online shopping networks available today!

This week I wanted to share the very best gifts my kids received for Christmas! These are the presents that they can’t get enough of, won’t put down, and insist on bring with us EVERYWHERE.

I know Christmas 2016 is officially in the past, however, you may come across the need sometime in 2017, for a few gifts for your own kiddos. You know birthdays, reward gifts, something special for no reason at all… Continue reading “Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Fav Christmas Gifts 2016”

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