Colorado Pumpkin Patch; The Best Place For Fall Fun In The Colorado Springs Area!

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While fall inevitably means that winter is coming, and I’m going to be cold for 4 months, it also brings SO much excitement to my family! Fall means Pumpkin Patch time! We Love exploring the Pumpkin Patches in our area each year. This year we were privileged to explore The Colorado Pumpkin Patch, which is definitely one of the best places for fall fun in the Colorado Springs Area!

While this pumpkin patch does not have “you pick ’em” pumpkins they do have a great fenced in area to close pre picked pumpkins. However, the gourds are honestly not the reason you come to this patch! There are so many fun activities for the kids that you could easily (and we did) spend the whole day here!

We headed to the massive slide first. We could have spend another 30 minutes here, but we couldn’t take any more of our 3 year old insisting we go down with him….while those bumps are ok for tiny butts they wreak havoc on adults!

Our next stop was the corn boxes, always a blast but make sure you clean out everyones pockets before you do laundry!

I was particularly impressed with some of the more inventive activities at this pumpkin patch, such as the Human Foos Ball

and Lazer Tag! This was the perfect place to ditch the kids and take a load off for us pooped parents! Our kids found tons of friends to shoot with and could have spent allday in this area.

We also really enjoyed the pumpkin shaped jump pillows,

* Note that they were currently fetching more gas for the generators during this picture and the pillows were slightly deflated for a moment

and life sized board games such as Jenga, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Checkers.

Take note that the tractor and pony rides are rather costly and that prices are not clearly posted, we wanted for 30 minutes for pony rides and it was almost our turn when someone finally came around asking for $8 per 3 minute ride….This is definitely not feasible for our large family and I wish we had known before we wasted time in line.

Despite our pony ride set back, we had a wonderful time at the Colorado Pumpkin Patch! We brought our own lunch as we didn’t know what to expect, however there was plenty of food to purchase on site and next time I definitely want to try some of their creations!

Right now you can get a Free drink (with paid admission) at the Colorado Pumpkin Patch! Grab a soda, bottled water, flavored tea or other drink valued at the concession stand valid for up to four admissions! Just click HERE for your special coupon!

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Big List of Fall Activities in Denver, CO!

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This is my favorite time of year! I love all the fall activities available for families to do together while the weather cools and Halloween approaches. Below you will find some of my favorite events around town as well as some that I have not yet had a chance to attend! These are all KID FRIENDLY events, so if you’re looking for adult minded, scary, or alcohol included events…well let me know cause I want to come!  Continue reading “Big List of Fall Activities in Denver, CO!”

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Family Day At The Monster Truck Rally!

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When I think of American activities that inspire fun and patriotism, a handful of things come immediately to mind: fireworks, corndogs, and MONSTER TRUCKS!

My family has a BIG love of BIG trucks! We spend hours watching monster trucks on youtube and my boys have been begging for some real life monster truck action for years! This past weekend, we were finally able to indulge and go to a real live monster truck rally in Wyoming. Though we live in Colorado, the drive was absolutely worth it!

Mega Promotions’s huge Monster Truck Tour started last weekend in Laramie, Wyoming! Throughout the rest of the summer the tour slowly progresses north through Wyoming into Gillette, Sheridan, and finally into Helena Montana. You have to check out this amazing event! I love the American flag flying high and respected the prayer for safe travel and fun at the beginning of this show.

It was incredible to be able to walk around these giants and see just how huge they are in real life! 

We got to see Cyclops, Dragon Slayer, Kamikaze, and Wicked duel it out in a wheelie competition that my kids won’t ever forget!

Plus, Dragon Slayer’s driver happens to be the #9 Monster Truck driver in the world and is the father of Kamikaze’s driver! After an awesome competition Kamikaze came out with the win against his dad for the first time EVER!

It was so much fun for us to each choose our favorite truck and root and holler against each other! My 9 year old daughter, who I thought would be the least interested (besides her baby sister!) actually had the most fun with this! We bother chose WICKED to root for cause this truck was so unique!

While the Monster trucks rested their wheels we were treated to some amazing stunts by a trick bike crew, an adorable race with kids ride-on cars by two 5 year olds, and a doonbuggy race for time! 

During intermission we were able to get Snow cones and cotton candy, catch rides on the Rumble Bus Monster Bus for $10 and also let our kids get their wiggles out on a bouncy house!

Perhaps our favorite part of the Monster Truck show was the FREESTYLE COMPETITION! This is where the trucks get to come out and show off to the very best of their ability with high flying jumps, massive wheelies, and mud spurting doughnuts!

One thing we did not think to bring, was ear protection. Let me tell you these Monster Trucks ROAR just like a real monster would! We were able to stem some noise by stuffing tissues in the kids’ ears, however I would definitely suggest bringing some ear plugs or covers when you attend, especially if you have little ones.  Once she realized we were’t feeding her to T-Rex, our 9 month old got used to things and settled in, however our 3 year old was happiest with his head on someone’s lap covered up with a jacket…Though he didn’t really see any monster trucks in action, he insists it was still the best day of his life and won’t stop asking for monster truck themed clothing and toys or when we will be going back!

We were even able to get our souvenirs signed by the amazing drivers after the show. They were extremely polite and happy to talk to the kids about driving their own trucks someday!

I am always looking for ways to keep my kids occupied during the summer months. Above everything, however, I want to create memories with them that will last a lifetime! This show was a huge hit for this summer and the memory will last for many summers to come!

Check out the Mega Promotions  page to buy tickets for their next show or just to get more information!


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