Mother’s Day is For Mom’s: “Pet Mama’s” Move Aside!

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May is just around the corner, and with it comes a day that every mommy looks forward to: Mother’s Day.

Mom’s spend a lot of time doing a lot of thankless tasks throughout the year, we are yelled at by the tiny people we are trying to rear and clean up the same mess 10 times a day simply to do it all again tomorrow.

On Mother’s day, our tiny humans thank us with cards and extra kisses, our spouses shower us in relaxation and breakfast made by anyone but mom.

It’s a wonderful day, just for MOMS. For the women who have created life inside their own bodies or chosen to spend their lives raising children they married into or were fortunate enough to adopt.

We deserve this day.

Which is why, while I search through the card aisle for the perfect card for my own mother, who has put up with 34 years of ME, I get pretty annoyed with the card category entitled “Pet Mom.” Continue reading “Mother’s Day is For Mom’s: “Pet Mama’s” Move Aside!”

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7 Reasons Nothing Gets Done At My House

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Have you ever tried to finish or even start a much anticipated project and come up against a wall every time to try to start?

I have about 10 million projects around and within my house that I am anxious to complete, or just begin! Yet, there always seems to be something that keeps me from turning my house into the home of my dreams….Let’s start with POOP… Continue reading “7 Reasons Nothing Gets Done At My House”

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April Blogging Goals

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Welcome to April everyone! I hope you all survived April Fool’s Day….this day is the bane of my existence most years, but, happily, my husband played nice this year and didn’t make me look like a total turd!

Last month I decided to set myself monthly blogging goals to really help me get my booty in gear with this whole blogging thing!

Having published those goals, I really held myself accountable and worked hard to meet those objectives. Here is a quick recap of how March went before I lay out my goals for April.

At the beginning of March I started off with 3,188 twitter followers. My goal was to gain at least 1,000 new comrades in a month. I must admit, I did NOT meet this goal. I came decently close though. While I didn’t gain 1,000 followers I did gain 765. So at least I was on the right side of 500!

My second goal in March was to increase my daily engagement with pinterest to increase my following. I spent about 10 minutes 4-5 days a week increasing the amount of pins on each of my boards and followed about 10-15 each time. I increased my following by 500! This is definitely something to keep doing!

I didn’t do great with my linky goals for March. I did linkup to about 5 linkies a couple weeks in a row, but I found myself so busy with facebook groups that I often forgot to do them. However, the few times that I did link up, I did notice an increase my visitors for the week. Therefore, this is a goal that i will continue to work on. For a list of linkies that I love, click the button below.

Another goal for last month was to engage with facebook groups geared towards blog growth. I definitely met this goal and did see results. I found a couple other facebbok groups besides the one that I had been focusing on for months and have seen a lot of engagement with my blog posts throughout social media because of it. The only downside is that these can be a lot of work. However, it’s worth it! I will be doing a post on which facebook groups are the most helpful soon!

In my never ending endeavor to monetize my blog,  my final march goal was to interact with affiliates once daily. I did NOT do this, however i did find a few new apply to and I did apply to all compensates opportunities that popped up in my feed. I struggle a LOT with this whole money making thing…I like to blame my lack of success on the fact that i haven’t yet gained 5,000 twitter followers…whether that is true or not, I need to work harder on marketing myself to affiliates.

April goals

Pinterest- I want to continue my March goals with Pinterest and also increase those objectives a bit. I will continue to engage with Pinterest daily and follow around 10-15 people each session. However, I also want to utilize the vast array of Pinterest facebook groups more. This will help to see my pins pinned across a wider array of profiles. I also want to increase the amount of people I have acting as contributors to my personal boards.

Apply for Affiliate Membership I have spent so much time simply trying to increase my following that i haven’t paid much attention to how to truly monetize my blog. This month I want to apply to at least 5 more affiliate sites and work to increase reader engagement with the affiliates that I am already a part of.

Twitter- While my goals of increasing my twitter following are still a high priority, this month I simply want to focus on helping more tweeters see my posts. I will do this my engaging with more threads geared towards RT’s and also by attempting to attend my first twitter party!

StumbleUpon- Another blogger I follow has recently discovered that StumpleUpon is  massive, untapped resource for bringing new viewers to your site. I have only recently found StumbleUpon and have taken it very seriously, however, after reading about the increase in engagement my fellow blogger has discovered, I plan to spend a bit more time engaging with StumbleUpon this month!                               

Email Subscriptions- If these is one thing that I have not focused on AT ALL, it’s my email list. I honestly never gave it a second thought. However, after much Pinterest research and reading of advice from seasoned bloggers, I have decided that my email list needs to become a priority. Thus, I am starting of this month with new subscription headlines on my blog (what do you think?) and new FREE printable for new subscribers.

Now I need to advertise this across social media and see how much I can increase my readership for April!

What are your goals for April? Do you have any suggestions that might help me with my own objectives?


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How To Start A Workout Routine TODAY

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If there is one thing that I hear A LOT, it’s that people “really need to get back into a workout routine” but just don’t know where to start.

Let me assure you, getting started is the hardest part. Beginning a workout routine means divvying from your current routine, and who likes change? It also means starting something that is not going to feel all that great for a few days and, in fact, may cause more pain! Continue reading “How To Start A Workout Routine TODAY”

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5 Pregnancy Side Effects to Fall in Love With

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The making of life is an event for celebration and awe. More often than not, however, we become so embroiled in the discomfort that pregnancy brings throughout all 9  months (check out my article “5 Things You Didn’t Expect About Morning Sickness“), that we forget the side effects of baby creation that are pretty amaze-balls! Continue reading “5 Pregnancy Side Effects to Fall in Love With”

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5 Things You Didn’t Expect About Morning Sickness

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Ah, morning sickness; because labor and delivery are so easy at the end of pregnancy SOMEONE (we won’t name names) decided that us women should have to go through a bit of a rough patch at the beginning of pregnancy to make up for it.

If you didn’t already know, “morning” sickness is a ginormous pile of crap. Whoever came up with that name is a wretched liar and should have horrible diarrhea for a long period of time…like 3 months at least.

Morning sickness is a term that refers to the constant, all day, all night nausea that accompanies the first three months of pregnancy. Glorious. NOT just the morning, people!

Lucky for us, or we would never get pregnant, whoever coined the term “morning sickness” didn’t know what he was talking about. He also forget to mention all the other wonderful things a woman can expect in the first trimester….

  1. Saint Bernard Syndrome- You thought drool would only be an issue when the baby was actually born? Think again and let the water works begin! As if barfing up a storm wasn’t bad enough, you can also expect to excrete massive amounts of saliva that make you want to spit like a camel or,  you guessed it, vomit some more!
  2. Gas- All those hormones rolling around your tummy are not only creating nausea on a massive scale, they are also building up burps and farts that can clear entire rooms! If my husband wasn’t already disgusted with my constant puking and lack of hygiene due to exhaustion, he pretty much wants to sleep downstairs with the noxious fumes my baby filled body can now emit. I must admit, I’m slightly proud….
  3. Pooping Problems- Have you ever had a poop the size, shape, and consistency of a baseball?  Well get ready because horrible constipation is one awesome side effect of the first trimester. Let me tell you, it hurts! It also contributes to extra nausea, cause you’re obviously feeling  just a little TOO good during this period.
  4. The Food Conundrum- When you get the stomach flu, you don’t eat right? Thus, nausea should always mean you don’t want food? Welcome to pregnancy, where if you don’t eat for too long, you get nauseous, if you eat the wrong thing, you throw up, and if you eat too much you barf your guts out. Don’t get too excited when you finally find a food that seems to work for your belly, either….you’ll projectile vomit that right back up tomorrow.
  5. Erratic Temperature Issues I’m freaking freezing ALL the damn time! Even when I have gone through the first trimester in the warm summer months, I have found myself constantly colder than usual. It’s obnoxious! What’s even worse, is if I happen to be able to warm up I will quickly get too hot….           HOT= VOMIT…. FREEZING= SHIVERING= VOMIT….So basically you’re going to be the world’s most miserable wretch for 3 months…YEAY!

With all this to look forward to, it truly is amazing that we ever allow men anywhere near us…until we see an adorable little bundle of pink or blue at the store and we forget the horror our bodies will go through and demand our own bundle IMMEDIATELY!

Morning sickness does have it’s perks….

More Sickness = More Hormones = Healthier Pregnancy

…I guess I can take 3 months of hell to insure a wiggling bundle of happy, healthy baby at the end.




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5 Tricks To Eating Healthy On The Go

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There are a lot of busy people out there who are trying to increase the healthy side of their lives. This can be difficult, however, when you are constantly on the GO!

As a mother of five with the 4H fair season approaching, baseball practice starting for 2 of my kids, plus school trips, projects, and my own work schedule to pack in, I know how easy it is to jump on the burger and fry, drive through bandwagon. Continue reading “5 Tricks To Eating Healthy On The Go”

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