Surprise Jewelry Scented Massage Candles!

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Who doesn’t love a great massage surrounded by the soft light of glowing candles? In fact it’s the perfect Valentines Day ambience!Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle

Karen Michelle has created the perfect candle for this occasion! When lit the delicious smelling wax turns into luscious massage oil that also hides a special surprise.

Each candle contain a piece of jewelry in the center, valued anywhere from $10-10,000!

Shop Destiny Candle Now for all your gift giving needs.
Shop Destiny Candle Now for all your gift giving needs.

I’m pretty keen on candles and massages, but the opportunity for free jewelry makes these specialty candles right up my ally! And the chance to win an expensive bauble creates an atmosphere of fun and anticipations surrounding your purchase!
Buy Destiny Candles Now

Right now you will receive a FREE 4oz Karen Michelle Massage Oil Candle valued at $15, with any purchase! As Candles range from $15-25 this is a steal!Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle

Also be sure to check out their packages! Sets 3 and 4 candles with assorted scents are on sale now! Save money and get more!

These make fabulous Valentines and Bridal Shower gifts as well as a great way to say thank you to your Bride’s Maids for all their hard work.

Surround yourself with the wonderful scent of coconut vanilla, mint & rosemary, blood orange, arousing chocolate mint and so many more! You can also choose from different styles and colors and even receive containers with special pour spouts to make your massage experience easier.Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle

Karen Michelle also caters to your occasion with labels for Valentines Day, Birthdays, and even Mother’s Day or Bridal Showers! You can also keep it simple with a classic design that showcases a word of your choice such as Luck, Love, Kisses, Serendipity, Thank You and so many more.

Personally I am super excited to receive my first candle! My husband and I don’t get the chance to go on special dates very often, having five children makes babysitters rather expensive! Bu we always make time for each other after the kids are asleep. These candles may be just the thing to spice things up a bit!

Destiny Candle by Karen Michelle








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  1. Omg that is brilliant what a fantastic idea! They would certainly make a great Valentines present, i certainly wouldn’t say no. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

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