Spring Break Workout Challenge!

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Spring is officially in the air!

That means sunshine, flowers, birds singing at 5am….it’s also a sign that bathing suit weather is just a hop, skip and jump away!

I created this workout challenge to help you boost your workout or spring into one to get ready for the shorts, tank tops, and, yes, bathing suits that come with hot days. Let’s get moving!

Spring break usually kicks off on a Friday night, but we’ll assume you’re going to be busy and start this workout off on a Saturday and end it on a Sunday.

That gives you 9 days to get your fitness on!

Day 1

25 lunges each side

10 push-ups  (manly style, put your knees down if you have too but try to do as many as possible in plank position)

10 burpees

25 crunches

25 squats

Repeat at least once


30 pulsing squats

25 plank jacks (go into plank and jump your feet out, like a jumping jack, and back in)

11 push-ups (again do as many as you can without putting your knees down, if you have to pause to stretch a bit)

30 bicycle crunches

25 pulsing lunges each side

Repeat at least once


75 Jumping jacks

25 “Rocky” style sit-ups

12 push-ups

15 Squat-Jump Squat Combination (1 squat then 1 jump squat= 1 rep)

20 side lunges each side

Repeat at least once


50 jumping (plyo) lunges, 25 each side

14 push-ups

25 plie squats

30 Plank knee to elbow, 15 each side (in plank position bring your right knee to your right elbow, left knee to left elbow)

50 ski jumps (jump side to side with both, aiming for approximately 18in apart, like a skier)

Repeat at least once



Day 6

50 Front-to-back lunges, 25 each side (lunge front, pick up your foot and go straight into a back lunge-that’s one rep)

30 pulsing plie squats

15 push-ups

15 burpees

30 reverse crunches (lying on your back with your legs straight in the air lift your legs straight up to the ceiling- this is not a quick movement, but a controlled one)

Repeat at least once


30 side-to-side jump squats (squat down and touch your right palm to the floor then jump up to the left and squat again touching your left hand to the floor, this is one rep)

30 plank burpees (go into plank and jump your feet up in between your hands and then back into plank position)

16 push-ups (again do as many as you can without putting your knees down, if you have to, pause to stretch a bit, but get right back to it)

30 V-ups (stabilizing on your glute muscles, straighten as far back as you can with your feet pointing forward as well as your hands without your feet or shoulders touching the ground, then lift your chest and feet up so that your body is in a “V” shape)

40 side lunge to leg lift, 20 each side (do a side lunge, being careful to keep your weight over your ankle and your glutes pushed back. As you come out of the lunge lift your leg up and to the side, keeping your leg straight and your toes pointing forwards, working the sides of your thigh)

Repeat at least once

day 8

75 Jumping jacks

30 side plank crunches, 15 each side (Begin in a side plank. Push into the floor with your bottom foot and lift your top leg. Bend your knee and bring it in to touch your top elbow, crunching your upper obliquesTry not to lean forward or backward)

18 push-ups

20 Squat jump-crunch jump Combination (1 squat jump then 1 jump while crunching your knees as far up towards your chest as you can= 1 rep)

40 Curtsy lunges, 20 each side (facing forward bring your left leg behind and to the right of your right leg, like you are going to do a curtsy. Drop straight down towards the floor then push up and bring your left leg into a knee lift. Repeat for right side)

Repeat at least once

day 9, final day!

30 “around the world” lunges, 15 each side (with your right leg you will do a front lunge, a back lunge, and side lunge and a curtsy lunge; repeat with your left leg)

20 push-ups

50 single leg squats, 25 each side (if you don’t have the balance to lift your foot off the floor while doing the exercise simply put your toe down and a bit forward of the leg you are working for balance, just be sure you are keeping the weight in the back leg and that your knee is not coming in front of your toes. go as far down as you can)

20 push-ups

30 Side Plank raise, 15 each side (get into a side plank position. Drop your bottom hip toward the ground. Then reverse the movement and lift your hip up as high as you can like a rainbow. You can do this on your elbow or with a straight arm)

25 burpees! (just for fun since it’s your last day of the challenge!)

Repeat at least once


Well friends, what do you think? Can you do it!?  YES YOU CAN!

Let’s get moving, get stronger, and get happier together!

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