Society’s Fear Of Sugar Is Poisoning Our Children’s Drinks

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If there is one thing I really don’t understand about America’s food culture, it is our obsessive fear of SUGAR. Despite this, we still crave sweets, so we satisfy ourselves with sugar-free drinks and candy, we bake with sugar substitutes and have waged an all out war against high fructose corn syrup.

Fine. We’re adults, we have enough knowledge to understand what we are putting in our bodies and how it could effect us in the long run. I have to admit to a love of Diet Coke myself.

Where it really gets my goat, however,  is when parents make their kids freak out about sugar.

“Oh no, Sweetie, Coke has too much highfructose corn syrup, have a diet instead”

That’s right, avoid those empty calories kids, and the “sugar rush”…don’t be worried about the FDA approved ingredient, aspartame, that has been linked to CANCER!!!

HOw our children’s drinks are poisoned by our fear

Beyond my anger about parents who blatantly expose children to sweeteners, is my rage against companies who sneak sweeteners into drinks that are already filled with regular sugar!

I am a mom who has no fear of sugar. We have candy, cake, cookies, and soda at my house…all in moderation and all for fun. We are a fit family, we exercise, we play outside, we do sports. I have no fear of sugar entering my children’s bodies.

Artificial sweeteners, however, scare the crap out of me. I may be dumb enough to continue drinking Diet Coke knowing the harmful effects of aspartame, but you can bet your booty I won’t expose my kids to it!

So when I was checking ingredients while buying snack drinks for  my son’s basketball team the other day (some of these mom’s are CRAZY about ingredients and I didn’t want to be lynched!) I was shocked to see SUCRALOSE as an ingredient in Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters! So I checked regal Capri Sun, and then our go to school lunch drink, Kool Aid, YooHoo, Poweraid, Gatorade…..

All had sucralose listed as an ingredient!

WTF? These drinks already have high fructose corn syrup, SUGAR…They aren’t trying to be calorie free.

Are parents really so afraid of the number of calories entering their children that they are ok with avoiding ten to fifteen in favor of artificial sweeteners with known negative side effects?

Is sucralose even dangerous?

“But aspartame is the dangerous sweetener, Sucralose is made from sugar.”

Eye roll…

Yup, sucralose IS made from sugar….it is produced by a multi-step patented chemical process that replaces three hydrogen-oxygen groups with three chlorine atoms. That’s right CHLORINE!!! The replacement with chlorine atoms intensifies the sweetness to 600 times more than table sugar and contain zero calories according to .

ALARM! ALARM! Chlorine? As in what pools use to eat nastiness like urine?!

How is this better than SUGAR!

If this isn’t gross enough, a study found that sucralose increased blood glucose levels and insulin levels while decreasing insulin sensitivity. This is bad news for people who are  using sucralose instead of sugar due to diabetes. Oh and for people who don’t want to develop diabetes!

Yet another study found that sucralose altered the gut microbiome by decreasing beneficial bacteria by up to 50% and that 12 weeks later beneficial bacteria in the GI tract had not recovered. This means that even if you no longer use sucralose your GI tract is still being negatively affected.

If you choose to cook with sucralose, you may want to avoid feeding your creations to any males in the area as it has been found to cause infertility in male rats!

I personally want lots o grandchildren from my sons. Not only that, I don’t ever want my children to deal with sever health concerns.

So why the heck are we sneaking this crap into drinks aimed at kids!? My children love getting a gatorade after a game…And now I have to worry that they will be infertile if they drink it? Or take it away and have them be the only kid without one?

Put the sugar in the drink!! I’m fine with the extra sugar and calories over the alternative!

God forbid your kids have sugar and then run around outside to burn it off…I guess if your little ones are sitting in front of a gaming console all day then sugar would be a concern. However there are a lot more concerning things about that situation than too much sugar.

I will be sharing my outrage with each company whose already sugary drinks include a sugar substitute. You should too…

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