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My children love to read. We spend hours at the library, read story after story before bedtime; they never seem to get enough. However, no matter how many amazing characters they read, or how many “stories” they become immersed in, there is one thing they haven’t experienced. Finding themselves in a book.

I See Me has made this possible. My children have become famous! In their eyes anyway. img_5261  I See Me creates a wide range of books for children of all ages and puts them into the story as main character! Aside from wonderful books such as “My Very Own Name,” “It’s My Birthday” and “Find Me,” I See Me has come out with a collection of amazing, personalized holiday themed books as well.

img_5269You can choose from books such as “My Very Merry Christmas Board Book,” “My Night Before Christmas Personalized Book,” (also available as a gift set) “My Magical Snowman Personalized Book” and so many more.img_5270

Our family has a particular love for The 12 Days Of Christmas, so we chose to personalize I See Me’s version of this classic song. As it turns out this book is one of the versions offered that can be personalized for an individual or an entire family! Seeing as we have 5 children, it didn’t seem fair for just one of them to become a start of their very own book. Thus, we decided to include the whole family.img_5247

As soon as the book arrived we all excitedly ripped open the package and marveled at our book. It is so special to see a book made just for your family. While our kids “oohed” and ‘Aahhed” over their names printed throughout the pages, I thought about what a wonderful heirloom we had received.

img_5258 This book will be precious to our family for generations to come. My children love hearing this story ever night, with all our names included, and I will love reading it to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, laughing at the  adorable pictures and remembering the holidays when my children were young.


Don’t be daunted or worried about the process of creating these books being complicated or difficult either.  You simply choose the book you prefer and send fill out a form with what names you would like to be used. I was even able to add a quote on the inside cover and you can create a dedication if you wish.

img_5270I See Me’s collection of books are such a special way to immortalize your children individually or your family as whole. Don’t miss out on such a wonderful gift this holiday season. Whether you surprise your family with a season classic or personalized book just for fun, you will have a book that will never get old or boring. Ours has quickly become part of holiday, family traditions, yours will too.

img_5271This company has also been featured in my Holiday Gift Guide! Please be sure to check it out for special promotions and offers!

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*I was given a free book of my choosing in return for my honest opinions regarding this company and its products.





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