Fancy Nancy The Musical! 15% OFF!!

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My daughter adores Fancy Nancy. We have read all her books for years with so much enjoyment, especially as this cute little, crazy haired child’s adventures never seem to get old! I am fairly positive that if we do not already own almost every Fancy Nancy book, we have most certainly read every single one at least twice.  We even have Fancy Nancy Christmas ornaments.

Now, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to the fabulous music orchestrated for the Fancy Nancy Musical!

I decided not to tell my daughter that we were going to be spoiled with this fabulous album to keep and listen to whenever we wanted. However, I did give her a little preview by showing her the following clip:

Her eyes lit up and she started vibrating with happiness.

Imagine her surprise when I gave her a box to open with her very own Fancy Nancy The Musical CD!

She started jumping up and down and begged to play it immediately. I obliged, happy to see her so excited and let the music blast through our living room!

She immediately went and got all fancied up to properly listen to her new favorite album!

My daughter and her friend danced together for the entire duration of the CD! They even included her brother’s, an astronomical feat considering the fights that occur between genders our home. Not a single child was unhappy, left out, or bored!

It was amazing, magical even!

You can enjoy this amazing CD with your family as well or surprise your children with the fun just in time for Christmas!

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