Change Your Kiddo Comfortably With A Squishy Mat

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If there is one thing parents do a lot of, it’s diaper changes! While a lot of these changes happen in the comfort of our own home, I would also swear that each of my kids will purposely make the biggest poo when we are in the most inconvenient place for a change of pants.  When this happens, you need a Squishy Mat!

Just the other day my 2 year old, who is mostly potty trained but still has accidents mad a horrible mess in his pants while I was at the doctor. This particular doctor’s office is mostly for elderly kidney patients, thus,  NO CHANGING STATION. Now, I’m no germaphobe, but I’m not lying my kid on the hard bathroom floor with nothing to pad or protect him either.

Squishy Mat to the rescue! When this mat first came in the mail, I have to admit that I thought it was a little much. While I love my children with all my heart, I also tend to be of the philosophy that they don’t need to be overly spoiled.

This little video shows just how soft these mats are!

These mats are definitely in the spoiling category! One side is backed with a nonslip rubber grid while the other is covered with almost an inch of memory foam and the softest micro-flannel fabric I have ever felt! This thing might be more comfy than my bed!

With an already upset toddler, I was thrilled to be able to lie him on something that was comfortable and would protect his thrashing head from banging on the hard floor.

This changing mat is also great because it is so large! I originally thought it would be too big and was a bit daunted. It fit in my diaper bag but with a larger profile than most other change pads. Let me tell you, it is worth it! The size allows a fully grown two year old to be completely on top of the pad while being changed and would be a perfect surface for a smaller baby or infant to have tummy or play time.

Other changing mats I have used tend to be a bit too small once the baby reaches 3 or 4 months and aren’t terribly comfortable. They do the job, protecting the baby from the ground and ground from the poo, but they certainly don’t go above and beyond like the squishy mat.

I took the mat outside as well to see how it faired in the grass and dirt. It was wonderful! Not only were diaper changes much easier without my kiddo screaming about the itchy grass, but I grabbed it to sit on for a bit and was pleasantly surprised by how comfy it was! It was also great to be able to wipe away the dirt easily when we were ready to head home.

You can buy these awesome mats in 3 different sizes. Get the changing mat or a small or large play mat! I am definitely putting in an order for a large play mat!

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