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You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and just CAN’T?

Specifically, I simply can’t find the energy to get 6 kids out the door and also manage to beautify myself. I can throw on mascara and lip-gloss like a champ, but managing to do anything other than a whipped-up, messy, “mom” bun with my hair? NOPE!

Even on date nights, or for company parties, my hair is the most time consuming part of my ensemble. It’s exhausting!

The solution? NO, I’m not shaving my head. As much as my long hair gets on my nerves, it’s MINE.

FAUX HAIR from Freetress (sold through Divatress) is where it’s at, people!

You may have thought that wigs went out with the 50’s. WRONG! More people wear wigs and hair pieces/extensions and braids today than ever before! Not only will a wig allow me to look fabulous and get out of the house on time, but it will protect my hair from the rigors of styling and daily life.


Even better? I can try out fun styles and colors that I am WAY too afraid to commit to with my real hair.

After my daughter was born, 9 years ago, I slashed my hair into a super cute Duck-Butt-Cut that I have often wanted to go back to. However, I’ve spent the last 8 years growing my tresses back out and am not ready to take that plunge again. With a wig from Freetress, I can go back to my fav cute style any day I want!



But wigs are so expensive, you say? Not anymore people! Surprisingly, as the quality of wigs have gone up (no one will be able to tell your real locks from the fake) the price has gone DOWN! Once upon a time, wigs cost an arm and a leg and could be spotted from ten paces. These days, you can buy multiple wigs and still have some extra spending money for accessories!



Freeress isn’t just about full wigs either. You can find amazing hair attachments, like gorgeous buns and beautiful pony tails, as well as Remy Hair, weaves, clip-ins, half and U-part wigs and braiding hair.

I have always wanted to be able to have this gorgeous braided hair!

Or you can search through Divatress’ incredible selection of Hair Care products to keep your locks well loved!

Living in Colorado, our winters get cold and dry and my hair shows it! So I treat my hair with  Cantu Shea Butter Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Lotion. It is wonderful for all hair types to keep your hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

When you are done pampering your hair or buying extra tresses to keep your days fun, flirty, and different, you can also check out Divatress’ selection of cosmetics, wig accessories, nail polishes and manicure kits, bonnets, scarves and styling tools! Divatress is a one stop shop for showing everyone how beautiful you are!

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