AdoramaPix Photo Book-The Perfect Keepsake Gift

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I love pictures; I love taking them and I love looking through them later.  As the holiday img_4552season approaches I am reminded that photo keepsakes are such a wonderful way to relive the year as well as to pass those memories on to loved ones.

One of my favorite gifts for my children’s grandparents, is a photo book. I made them for several years, but while I loved the effect the pictures had on my loved ones, the quality of the book was so lacking that I decided to forgo that particular present over the last few years.

Thanks to AdoramaPix I can once again give the gift of a photo book with pride! I never expected the amazing quality I received for the price, meaning I can give this gift without breaking the bank. The pages are thick and durable (let’s face it, one of my children will HAVE to look through it someday, so flimsy pages are a big NO NO), the hard cover is smooth with no crimped or damaged edges, and the photos, most importantly, are crisp with beautiful, bright color. I am thrilled to no end!


Let’s walk through this process quickly together so that you can see how easy it is to make your own book while also retaining all the creative license.

For each photo book you create AdoramaPix provides a myriad of options that will allow you make the book that perfectly fits your personality, family, and occasion.

First, choose from a custom hardcover with either a picture of your choice, fabric, die-cut, leather-lux or genuine leather covers.  You are also able to pick from 4 different size, as well as shape options.

Next, choose a category that best fits the photo book occasion that you are creating. I chose family, but there are 11 other options, each containing a variety of sub-category designs to chose from as well.



Finally, AdoramaPix allows you to import your pictures from either flickr, google+, facebook, instagram, dropbox, your computer, or even amazon. Fill up the pages of your book.  You can also add stickers, background colors and framing options, or change the layout of each page to accommodate the right number of photos for you. You may even add pages or shorten your book according to your preference. One feature I was particularly impressed with was the ability to have a picture large enough to encompass more than just one page. I was concerned that laying a picture over the crease would hamper the quality of the photo, but that was not the case. I chose to have multiple pictures done this way and they turned out perfectly.



You can also choose to place writing or quotes on any page that suites your fancy.

I am so glad I took the time to make our family’s photo book. We chose to use pictures we recently had taken by a professional photographer, as this is not something we get the chance to do very often. The pictures turned our beautifully and a we now have the perfect keepsake to forever freeze those wonderful moments. Please visit the photographer’s website,  Bull Viking Productions, to view his other amazing work.

For a limited time you can get your photo book at 15% off! I know the holidays seem a long way away, but trust me, it’s worth starting your shopping early to take advantage of this fantastic offer.  Make a book to keep your own memories close at hand, or create an amazing gift for your loves ones, you will not regret it.


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Note: Limited time off ends 11/5/2016

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.



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