My Favorite Christmas Songs

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Music can get in your bones, it can change situations, create emotions…set scenes.

Holiday music can make or break moment. I great song will make me yearn for hot cocoa and family gatherings whereas a bad one will make cringe and turn on something pop-y just to forget what my ears endured, also making me forget the Christmas Spirit that had me searching for holiday music in the first place

So here are 10 of my favorite songs and versions that always put me in the right mood for Christmas.

#1- I had never heard this song before the Pentatonix version and I am hooked. I love the look of the video and the song itself makes me super emotional. I always think of my own sons and how Mary must have felt about her own…

Mary, Did You Know? – Pentatonix

#2- Yes I know, the 80’s were a dumping ground for many a crap song. However, this decade also had an ability to stir the blood in some instances. This song, never fails to make me teary eyed and want send $0.50 a day to sponsor a child in Africa.

Do they know it’s christmas – Band Aid 1984

#3- This is another song that always gives me shivers when done correctly. The Celtic women, while they have numerous wonderful christmas songs, have done a particularly wonderful job with O Holy Night.

O Holy night by Celtic Woman

#4- Carol of the Bells is my all time favorite Christmas Song. I love to sing it and I adore listening to a good version. Sadly, there aren’t very many worthy attempts at this song. However Pentatonix, as they always do, does it perfectly.

Carol of the Bells – Pentatonix

#5– I truly adore this song under most circumstances but there are 3 (and yes you will hear them all) that I Have to listen to each christmas. The celtic women, sing a particularly stirring version, both visually and harmonically.

Celtic Woman – Little Drummer Boy

#6- Another Little Drummer Boy, I know! But this version is a mashup, and I so love a mixture of two beautiful songs. Also, with David Bowie’s passing I seems a little more dear.

Bing Crosby & David Bowie – “The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)”

#7- My husband found this gem a few years ago, and I must admit his voice is so strong and powerful that it outdoes every other singer I have come across.

josh groban holy night

#8- I think it’s probably pretty obvious by now that I love the little drummer boy….but this a capella version is by far my favorite!

Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix

#9- This song was sung to me by mother often as a child, and while this version is a tad heavy handed, it is beautiful nonetheless.

IL Divo ~ Silent Night ~ Live 2013

#10- This one a favorite of my kiddos….And I must admit it’s pretty darn catchy!

A Great Big World – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

What are your favorite holiday songs?

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