Mother’s Day is For Mom’s: “Pet Mama’s” Move Aside!

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May is just around the corner, and with it comes a day that every mommy looks forward to: Mother’s Day.

Mom’s spend a lot of time doing a lot of thankless tasks throughout the year, we are yelled at by the tiny people we are trying to rear and clean up the same mess 10 times a day simply to do it all again tomorrow.

On Mother’s day, our tiny humans thank us with cards and extra kisses, our spouses shower us in relaxation and breakfast made by anyone but mom.

It’s a wonderful day, just for MOMS. For the women who have created life inside their own bodies or chosen to spend their lives raising children they married into or were fortunate enough to adopt.

We deserve this day.

Which is why, while I search through the card aisle for the perfect card for my own mother, who has put up with 34 years of ME, I get pretty annoyed with the card category entitled “Pet Mom.”

Um, no! I get that you love your pet, that you may refer to yourself as it’s “mama” and dote on it like you think you would a child. BUT….


Not to mention the fact that here in America we have National Pet Day, established in 2005 and celebrated on April 11th…That’s your day. NOT Mother’s or Father’s Day.

I get that you love your pets.  Our dog is a huge part of our family and I don’t think it would be quite the same without her neurotic little butt wagging around. However, she’s a DOG. I can leave her at home by herself and she will be fine, I can put her in a kennel and she will be happy for hours. I feed her in a bowl on the floor and don’t wipe her booty for her.

None of these things can be done with children or you will find yourself visiting with a representative from CPS.

Pet lovers, you spend hours teaching your pets tricks and how to act in public. That’s great, and I truly appreciate your hard work, but it doesn’t compare to years of child rearing attempting to turn tiny people (who consider your every lesson to be torture) into functional members of society. Mothers and Fathers are creating people who will one day be responsible for themselves and the future of others. We spend hours doing homework we forgot how to do 20 years ago, we find teachable moments in everything we can so that our kids hopefully turn into successful adults and not serial killers.

Every minute detail of our children’s lives is important to us as their parents, for our own memories as well as their future.

When our child gets sick, we would sell our souls and every worldly possession to find a cure, no matter what the prognosis. I would sell my house, live on the street, work 90 hours a week ANYTHING to pay for EVERYTHING possible to save my baby.

If your pet gets cancer that the vet says is incurable, you can take their pain away with $150 and a needle….And yes that’s harsh…but it’s the truth.

Your pet’s are important part of your lives, and that love is a wonderful thing that the world truly needs more of. We need more compassion for those that are smaller and weaker than we are.

Nevertheless, please don’t take away from the one day that I get a “thank you” and a pass on housework, by calling your pet your child or assuming that having a pet qualifies you as a Mother in the true sense of the word.


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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is For Mom’s: “Pet Mama’s” Move Aside!

  1. I would love to know who died and made you the ruler of the free world. My husband and I don’t have kids and don’t want them. We currently have three dogs and two cats who are our children. They vacation with us, get steak, salmon, and lobster tails as treats, and they have their own pet trust fund.
    If we want to celebrate Mother’s Day we will. Quite frankly, you have no right to dictate how we spend our time, spend our money, how we think, or how we celebrate. Do you really think you are so perfect that you can run not only your life, but everyone else’s as well?
    If they get sick, we care for them. One dog just got out of the hospital. It cost us $2,500, hours of visiting time while she was there, and a lot of lost sleep.
    But, I do get really tired of the pet/kid comparison. I mean please stop insulting my dogs and cats. They are way better than your kids.

  2. I own a veterinary clinic. Many of the people that bring their pets in do consider them their children. My husband and I don’t have human kids, but during our decade long marriage we have become very attached to our pets. I love them like family and am proud to call them my kids. I find this post incredibly ignorant. It doesn’t hurt you or effect you when pet parents celebrate Mother’s day or Father’s day. If you want to celebrate your kid on Pet Day it certainly wouldn’t offend me. Mom’s of any type “deserve” Mother’s Day. Don’t get so easily offended by pet parents celebrating their love for their dogs and cats. We need more celebration of love in this world.

  3. But seriously though, how does someone else celebrating pets mother’s day take away from YOUR mother’s day? I see your point, although, this post strikes me as wildly selfish. I do hope that you considered parents who are infertile and/or have lost a child. What makes you so special that you get to dictate to them how they can and cannot celebrate mother’s day. Additionally, for your sake, I sincerly hope that your children appreciate you for more than one day a year.
    I don’t usually comment on these posts seeing as I am a birthmother. However, this particular piece is agitating me to no end.
    Don’t forget that you chose to have a child as did families with dogs.


    Melissa xx

    1. Thank you Melissa! My daughter is not able to give me grand babies but I do have two cute grand dogs. To my daughter, her dogs are her children and God bless her, I know she would prefer to have the human ones! All the made up holidays should not be a time for judging people you know nothing about.

  4. I hope Mother’s Day isn’t the only day people are appreciated by their children and spouses. I have many friends who can’t conceive so they consider their pets their children. I honestly don’t care. I have four kids and a cat. I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

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