How mom's judge other moms

How Mom’s Judge Other Moms Every Day

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.Judgement is EVERYWHERE. With parenthood it is rampant. We judge each other on parenting styles, on our children’s personalities, on how we dress, whether or not we work…Mom on mom Judgement is thriving…


  1. Yoga Pants Mom– Jesus, this woman either constantly works out or can’t get her shit together enough to dress herself!
  2. “Done Up” Mom– For the love of god, how does she manage to do her make-up, hair, and choose an awesome outfit EVERY DAMN DAY before 7am! She must be super shallow and probably judges my yoga pants….
  3. Fit Mom– Ugh, she must work out all day every day and NEVER have time for her family…beeyotch.
  4. Skinny Mom– Eat a doughnut for Pete’s sake! She probably lives on kale and veggie shakes, yuck.
  5. Natural Labor Mom– Hippie.
  6. Planned Epidural Mom- Wuss.
  7. C-Section Mom– Cutter!
  8. The Mom With One Kid– It must be so easy to only have one kid! She probably travels and does all the stuff the rest of us can’t…I hate her.
  9. Big Family Mom– Does this woman not understand the concept of birth control!? She can’t possibly give each kid the same amount of love…
  10. Groupie Moms– This gaggle of moms must be super snotty to like each other so much…
  11. Organic Mom– Crunchy, granola loving woman…Probably doesn’t shave her pits!
  12. Working Mom– How can she stand to be away from her kids all day? She’s consumed by ambition!
  13. SAHM– How can she stand to be with her kids all day? Does she have no ambition?
  14. The Mom Who Loves Beer/Wine– Well, she is obviously unhappy with no control over her life…damn that cocktail looks good.
  15. Prohibition Mom– This lady needs to learn to have a little fun!
  16. Helicopter Mom– Jeez lady, cut the cord already. let your kid have some independence!
  17. Free Range Mom– Get a grip on your crazy ass kids! Do you even know what they are up to!?
  18. Tattoed Mom– Trashy
  19. Clean Cut Mom– Boring AF…
  20. Pierced Mom– I wonder what is pierced that we can’t see!? Cool and “ew” at the same time…

We can judge each other all day every day to our hearts content, but it won’t make us better moms, it simply creates bitterness and regret.

And honestly, if you don’t like my yoga pants and have a problem with my tattooes or lack thereof, I don’t want to be your friend anyway.

How moms judge other moms


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