Finding My Voice…While Hearding Children

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9355090806_80b6faabc7_m2I have always enjoyed writing. I was a history major so I wrote hundreds of pages of essays, research, and tests. I also once fancied myself an author and wrote tons of stories and outlines. These days, even if I don’t write them down, I love lying in bed and “writing” novels in my head. Now that I have finished school (thank GOD!) and have a brood of children following me around, a blogger has been born. As a mom blogger I don’t get a quiet office to myself where I can silently gather my thoughts and

Stop with the fart gun guys! That is an outside toy and I will throw it away if I hear it again!

calmly write down my musings with a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Nope. After I send my unnamed-7oldest children down the block to school at the bright and early hour of 7:15, I still have 3 small children to

Viktor, pull up you pants and finish your cereal! Your peepee is private, do NOT put it on your brother again.

chase around, feed, entertain, and keep from killing themselves or each other. And I do all this while also attempting to work on my blog.  

It seems silly I know. How can I possibly desire the kind of stress that comes with writing and dealing with children at same time. The answer; I love them both. I adore my crazy children, but I also have found a true calling with this whole blogging thing. I have discovered the voice that somehow got lost in the midst of diapers

Why is the water on? Turn it off and bring me the darn fart gun! UGH!

and breastfeeding, potty training and bedtime stories. I have never had a very loud voice anyway. My level of confidence has kept me from speaking my mind on many occasions and from voicing my opinions on many others. God forbid someone disagree with me, they might not speak to me ever again or might decide I suck. It has only been that last year or so

What is all over the baby’s face? Is that poop or chocolate? Where the heck did you find chocolate and why didn’t you share it with your mother?

that I have decidewp_20160924_004d that what I have to say is important, it doesn’t matter who agrees or disagrees. I have acquired the wisdom that it’s ok to disagree and that anyone worth a crap has the ability disagree with something said and continue to have a relationship with you. That’s part of being a freaking grown up. Another part is understanding that not everyone has to like you, and quite honestly I would be a little insulted if everyone did. Therefore I have begun using my voice to write what I want, what I need to get off my chest, and what I enjoy. These things

Honey, NO. The mouse we caught was not Mickey Mouse…No we cannot keep him…because mommy doesn’t want the plague…go back outside and hunt for snakes ok? Loooove yoooouu….

are important to me. What I write may not appeal to everyone, I may not be a top blogger or write important political crap that everyone seems so keen on lately, but I am so happy and excited to go on this blogging adventure each day, no matter what.

Doing anything, especially while surrounded by children

V-mama mama mama mama mama mama! Do you have schexcks?
Me- huh? Do I have what?
V- Schexcks….Like in Goldy and Bear?
Me- I don’t know what schexcks are honey…
V- Schexcks!!! Papa bear has ‘dem….
Me- Oh ok, Sure. Why not. Go play sweetie….

is a challenge. I can barely put on clean underwear without someone barging in and discovering that I don’t have a peepee like they do. This leads to a hilarious yet ill timed diatribe on where my peepee went and how I use the potty or watch TV without one to hold on to.

Nevertheless, I will carry on. I will overcome my husbandimg_4086’s desire to use the computer as soon as I get an inkling to write, as well as my children’s tendency to reach a whole new level of annoying whenever a I think they are occupied enough for me to do something for me….deep breath. There are so many joys on this journey known as parenting (which I like to call “trying not to screw up so much that you go broke paying for therapy”) and I fully intend to enjoy every moment, whether it be horrifying or adorable. I will also manage not to lose myself in the process….thus, I blog away, everyday…It’s like free therapy.

No Warren, do not throw the ball at the TV, your dad will give you away. Viktor, don’t touch that….”

Epic Mommy Adventures

V- I’m touching iiiiiitttttt….. (insert evil smile)

I have to go. My voice can be loud again tomorrow.

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24 thoughts on “Finding My Voice…While Hearding Children

  1. I stay far away from politics on my blog, life is wayyyy too short to be trolled. Plus it’s my space to write what I want to 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  2. Perfect description of blogging great post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  3. Ha I love this and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate to this! However a blog is a fantastic way to express your voice and I’ve loved having mine during my maternity leave, I think I may have gone mad otherwise. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Hope to see you again next time x

    1. Those first few weeks with a new baby can certainly make you feel that your voice is trapped and muted by the screaming of a tiny human!

  4. I relate so much to this post. Both having a child and writing a blog have been two great things that have happened to me. They should be celebrated! #ThatFridayLinky

  5. haha I can’t even think about blogging unless my eldest is at nursery, playing with Daddy or watching TV. It is impossible as she always wants to play. You do really well even though what you have to shout out it hilarious!! Good luck blogging and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

  6. I am laughing because this is so my life. It is wonderful and hard at the same time. Still working on the balance and time management but we’ll get there. Loved the post!

  7. A blog is a fantastic way to express yourself and I totally agree about it being like free therapy. I love the quotes through the post – they made a laugh and illustrated well the interruptions you get when writing
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  8. Indeed indeed…blogging is free therapy. It is hard to juggle both when you’re still mom to young kids but I write as I breathe. It is part of me and I have to pen my thoughts down, regardless of whether anyone will ever read them. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink … Look forward to hearing your voice tomorrow.

  9. It certainly is! I have a hard time at night because that is the only tine my husband and I get to have a bit of peace together. But I am a night owl so this is also the time i am the most productive…Grrr….silly husbands 😉

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