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I don’t know about you, but sleep often eludes me. I’m not talking about nights when my brain won’t stop, those are awful, but ultimately my own fault. The worst nights for me are when I am exhausted and i simply can’t get comfortable. Nights when I finally fall asleep only to awaken a few hours later due to hip or back pain. With no injuries to speak of, there is only one explanation; our mattress is terrible! This is why I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with Nectar, whose mattress is hailed as having unmatched comfort and support for perfect sleep.

Perfect sleep?! Yes please! In our house of 6 children, the youngest of which is only 8 weeks old, sleep is difficult to come by. Thus, any sleep we actually do get, needs to be great to keep us from being grumpy parents.

The Nectar Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress for two different people can be difficult, however. For example, I am a stomach and side sleeper while my husband sleeps like a vampire; I have problems with hip pain when I sleep while my husband struggles with his limbs falling asleep. Finding a bed that will give each of us the support we need while also being soft enough for comfort, is a no small order.

Over the last year my husband has gone on a tear to find us the perfect mattress. We have tried the Ghostbed, Nature’s Sleep Emerald, Purple, Brooklyn Bedding’s DreamFoam, and Nest Bedding’s Alexander Hybrid.

Overall the Nectar mattress is the best we have tried. It sleeps just as well as the Emerald which can cost you over $2000 and will cost you over $1200 even with the best coupon deals.It is also less expensive and more comfortable than both the Ghostbed and Purple Mattress. While it costs just a bit more than the DreamFoam, it also performs better and is made with much higher quality memory foam. The only mattress that we found to compete in terms of quality is the Alexander Hybrid and the Nectar mattress is over 33% less expensive, and, In my opinion, is still more comfortable!


Have you ever been to a mattress store? Not only do you have judge the mattress within minutes of lying on it, but if you manage to choose one, you have to find a way to get it home. Hopefully you have a truck, and the weather is nice. If not, be prepared to pay for hefty delivery fees.

The Nectar mattress on the other hand, is handily delivered right to your door at no cost to you. Not only that, but it’s neatly rolled up in bag and packaged with a handle making it easy to transfer to your bedroom.

The Nectar Mattress

A bed in a bag? yes! This mattress has no springs to get squeaky and worn out and thus it can be rolled up tightly into a tube and delivered easily to your door.

Also, Nectar gives you 365 days to try your bed risk free. If you hate it (which you won’t) they will refund your payment! Does it get better than this?

“unboxing” the nectar

Because the mattress comes rolled up, it must be “unboxed.” This is a super simple process that simply involves opening the package with a special razor blade (included) to be sure that the actual mattress doesn’t become damaged, and placing the contents on your box spring or platform bed. Then simply let the bed expand to it’s full size! It’s actually super cool to watch the mattress immediately begin to expand and form into a functional bed.

One thing we immediately noticed was that there was little to no “off-gasing.” This is a chemical smell that accompanies the un-boxing of many “bed in a box” mattresses.  Some mattresses are so strong smelling while they expand that you have to throw open every window in the house and then can still smell the odor for a few days on the actual bed.

The Nectar had none of this smell. It simply expanded into mattress form and was ready to sleep on within about 8 hours. The Nectar brochure says that the bed expands fully in 24 hours, but we were able to set it up in the morning and sleep on it that very night.

First Impression

Within a few minutes I could tell that this bed was going to be a game changer for us. Even not fully expanded the bed was incredibly soft and molded to the form of my hand when I pressed on the surface. I immediately loved the way it both looked and felt and couldn’t wait to try it out.

As I said above, we on-boxed the bed in the morning and slept on it that very night. I have always been skeptical of foam mattresses as I dislike the idea of getting on a bed that seems hard rather than bouncy. This bed. however, was immediately soft and comfortable.

The Nectar Mattress

I fell asleep easily and was shocked at how much time had gone by when my baby first awoke me to eat. I hadn’t woken up with pain in my back or hips!

After feeding my daughter, I easily fell back asleep. This is something that I have often found to be difficult with other mattresses. Once I am awake I often have a hard time getting comfortable again. Not so with the Nectar!

Edge support

Foam mattresses can sometimes have issues with edges being less supportive than the rest of the bed when compared to traditional innerspring mattresses. This can make you feel like you are going to slide off the bed if you are forced to sleep near the edge. Because my husband and I often end up with child visitors in the middle of the night, we need the full space of the bed available to use!

Co-sleeping with my newborn, I often end up sleeping on the very edge of the bed to be sure she has enough space to sleep safely. In the 30 days that we have had this bed, I have never once felt that edges were “collapsing” making me feel that I could slide off onto the floor. My husband also claims that he felt even support from the center of the mattress all the way to the sides when sitting or lying on the edge.


Often beds that are very supportive are not soft, and beds that very soft do not support your joints well. This is something we have struggled with, especially with my husband being a cross-fit athlete and coach. Because he pushes his body to the limit each day and has a high muscle mass, he needs a bed that will give his limbs, joints, and muscles the proper support. Beds that are too soft will cause soreness and pain.

However, athletes also struggle with too much support. Because their bodies are so toned and their muscles larger than the average person, athletes often have trouble with their limbs going numb if a bed is too hard.

The Nectar Mattress

Over the last 30 days of sleeping on the Nectar, my husband has slept comfortably throughout the night and woken up rejuvenated rather than sore or injured from his limbs going to sleep.

I have loved that the bed seems to form around me a bit as I sleep. This gives me support and comfort, but without feeling like I have to wait for the bed to reform around me if I change positions. I often switch positions throughout the night to feed my baby, and am always immediately comfortable and supported.

Who should buy the Nectar mattress?

  • Anyone who wants a cooling and comfortable high quality memory foam mattress. Nectar still uses two kinds of gel foam to make sure cool sleep occurs all night, but not just the first few hours.
  • Someone who wants a longer free trial period. Nectar mattress provides an unbelievable 365 night free trial, while the industry standard is 100 nights or less. You can return it for free anytime within this period.
  • Anyone looking for a longer warranty. Nectar mattress provides a “forever” warranty.  They guarantee the bed will stand up to the test of time and are very confident with their product.
  • The person who wants a thicker mattress with a limited budget. The Nectar mattress is 11″ high, with a special 4 layer structure. Most of competitors only produce 10″ mattresses.
  • Anyone who wants a all in one mattress. Most customers don’t really know what they need; a firm mattress or a softer mattress? Nectar is neither soft nor firm, it can adapt to any kind of sleepers and any sleeping position.
  • Clean freaks. You can do spot clean or fully machine wash for your Nectar mattress, and if you wish, you can give a call to Nectar sleep and they will come and exchange a new mattress cover for free. Now that’s 5 star service.
  • People who want better customer service. Nectar sleep will remove your old mattress for free after they install your new mattress. With other mattress companies you have to deal with the disposal on your own.
  • Anyone living outside the US. Most online mattress companies only support shipping within the United States. Nectar, however, supports international shipping,  Whether you live in Canada, Europe or even Asia, the shipping fee out of US is no more than $100. Shipment and return is free within the US.

You literally can’t go wrong with The Nectar Mattress!

The Nectar Mattress






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