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Living on the Colorado Front Range, our family has access to countless hiking trails and camping adventures to make wonderful memories for our 5 children. I must admit, though, that we often avoid activities, such as hiking, that require my younger children to walk for long periods. Even activities on flatter ground that don’t allow easy access for a stroller or wagon, are difficult when you have young kiddos who tire easily. As much as I love carrying my babies on my hip, it is exhausting and uncomfortable when done for any length of time.

The Freeloader Child Carrier came to our rescue! I always loved carrying my children as babies on my chest in an infant carrier, but didn’t realize there were products to help you carry older children as well! The Freeloader Child Carrier is specifically designed for children who are older than 2 1/2 and will carry them until they reach 80 pounds or 50 inches! That makes it perfect for hiking, for zoo trips where I can’t fit a wagon into our car, and a stroller just won’t cut it to take care of both my 2 and 3 year old plus everything we pack for the day!

We recently got the chance to test out the Freeloader during an archery contest we attended in Pueblo. We did not have space for a wagon or our stroller, and the terrain was not really fit for either anyway.

For those of you that don’t know, Pueblo in August is HOT! While we brought a tent so that we could sit in the shade, the event required you stand up and walk around A LOT in the heat. We started off the day trying to trudge through with all our kids at our sides. However, our older children quickly retreated to the tent. The younger ones, on the other hand, couldn’t be trusted so far from us in such a large crowd.

In such intense heat, my two year old quickly wanted to be carried around rather than left sweating in the dirt. After about 15 minutes of carrying him on my hip, I gave up and my husband took over. 10 minutes later his back was aching and he was sweaty and miserable.

I decided this was a good chance to break out the Freeloader, and boy am I glad I decided to pack it at the last minute! It was incredibly simple to put on and strapping our son onto the back was easy to figure out. He was immediately comfortably situated and both he and my husband were much cooler. My 2 year old loved being able to look around, in the same direction we were, and be a part of the action. In fact, he even fell asleep soon after!

Later in the day, the 2 year had more energy after his nap and wanted to run around, but our 4 year old started losing stamina. We decided to trade kids on the Freeloader and see how this product held up with a heavier child.

He loved it even more than our 2 year old! He didn’t want to ever get down and was giggling and having a grand old time being toted around. My husband assured me that the carrier remained snug despite the weight difference and felt very secure with either child riding in it. He also promised that he was experiencing no back pain or other side effects from carrying the kids around all day.

I even decided to try it out myself. I took the younger child and loved the feel of having him on my back. Even at 34 weeks pregnant, I was comfortable carrying him around for a long period of time.

Not only is it wonderful to know that your child is safe and secure with you while you hike around, or trot through the zoo or explore a new city, it is also amazing to have your hands free. With 5 kids I always have one that needs something. Being able to hold another child’s hand or easily grab a band-aid or snack is a lifesaver for any outing!

I am definitely storing our Freeloader in the car so that it is readily available for any trip, last minute family walk, or even a long grocery store run!

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