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Holiday Cards are so much fun to receive. I love all the festive colors, characters, images of loved ones with Santa, and I very much dislike hiding them away in a box never to be seen again.wp_20161204_19_58_57_pro

I have spent years propping them up on every available surface; cluttering shelves and tacking them to walls so I find the same joy in the days leading to Christmas that I did when I first received them.

This method is neither efficient nor aesthetically pleasing, however, so I have been on a hunt for a better way. I decided to get a little crafty and see what I could cook up without breaking my budget or my time constraints.

Because Target is ‘da BOMB,  I headed to the dollar area and scoured each bin for suitable paraphernalia. I came out with 5 sets of 8 absolutely adorable, tiny, holiday themed clothes pins and some red and green entwined yarn. Easy as pie and twice as cheap as I spend less than $10!

I then spend about 10 minutes cutting the correct amount of string and choosing where I wanted to display my favorite cards. I spent waaaayy more time deciding which cards to hang up first.
I threw a couple bows over the pins I put through the yarn into the wall and Voila! A perfect way to display my holiday cards, my kids’ Santa pics, and anything else holiday themed!


How do you display your holiday cards?

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13 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Card Display

  1. I also seem to put our cards all over the house. Wherever I find an open space. Love this idea, everything looks neat and organized! And us Mama’s love neat and organized don’t we 🙂 haha !! #globalblogging

    1. Thank you! I need to make another for all the cards I pulled out of my mailbox today….guess i should be my mail more than once every 2 weeks! haha -Brandi with Big Fit Fam

    1. I ran out of french door space….so now my house is strung up like a spider web that eats cards, hahah -Brandi with Big Fit Fam

  2. What a fab idea. I clutter all the window sills and surfaces with our cards having no where appropriate to hang them. This is def a fab festive idea that gets the kids involved too. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

  3. That is a brilliant idea to use pegs! We just hang the cards over string normally but means loads are sideways on. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  4. I tend to use your old method of propping them up anywhere there happens to be a space, but I do have to display them around my birthday cards too #dreamandsparkle x

    1. I like propping htem, but I ended up with too many i wanted to display, haha! THanks for reading! -Brandi with Big Fit Fam

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