Take the Boredom Out of Summer with Avid4 Adventure Camps!

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Summer is almost here! YIPPEE!

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to a break from the school grind as much, if not more than my kids! No more homework, no nagging about projects or paying attention in math….

There is one thing about summer I don’t look forward to, however. Five whiny little voices complaining that they are bored; “There’s nothing to do!” “It’s too hot to play outside” “There’s nothing fun to do!”

Ugh! This drives me nuts. I want my children to play outside, to be adventurous and learn from their environment. I want them to scrape their knees, climb trees, make friends, and BE CHILDREN for Pete’s sake!

The solution? Avid4 Adventure Camps throughout Colorado and California! You can sign up at www.avid4.com or call 800-977-9873 Now! If you need more convincing, read on to see what these amazing camps will do for your children!

This isn’t your average summer camp of crafts and lame field trips. These camps provide exciting experiences that will create lasting memories as well as bonding friendships and tons of stories to tell!  From hiking and biking to rafting and horseback riding, your kids will have the time of their lives!

Check out this amazing video about Avid4 Adventure Camps!

Aside from getting kids off the couch and away from their gaming consoles, these camps are also providing valuable life skills for children.

Trying new things, things that may have seemed a bit scary and out reach before camp, empowers children to continue to take risks in life, to break out of the mold and be whoever THEY want to be.  Trying new things inspires confidence and courage, giving children an inner strength that many seem to lack in today’s world.


As a parent who was once a child lacking in confidence, the one thing I want to instill in my children is self assurance and pride in their accomplishments. Avid4 Adventures is the place for my child to bolster these skills or to start learning them if they haven’t already!


With options for 1st-11th graders your child will find their niche and gain confidence in their abilities, physically and emotionally with these camps. Children can also choose to join a camp that explores multiple sports or focuses on one, they can choose to join an overnight camping team or participate with other children who return home each evening to boast of their amazing feats!

With locations for Colorado Day camps in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Denver, Lafayette, and Castle Rock. Overnight camps in Bailey and Evergreen, and locations in California in Santa Cruz, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Oakland, Campbell, Moraga and Walnut Creek your child will find the summer adventure of their lives!

Learn more today and sign up at www.avid4.com or call 800-977-9873

With so many adventures I was particularly impressed by the camps’ approach to safety and vigilance over the children they are entrusted with. I take my children’s safety seriously and they do too! Read their approach to safety HERE.


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Holiday Gift Guide- 5 Must Have Gifts For Kids

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I can’t help but be opinionated about gifts. After all, we sift through so many each year, with 5 children and 3 separate sets of grandparents, that we have learned what gifts are fabulous for the kids and what gifts get shoved under the bed after 5 minutes of fun in favor of the box. I have included some gifts that we have loved from this last year that you may want to try with your own brood and some that we are looking forward to testing out ourselves this Christmas. Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide- 5 Must Have Gifts For Kids”

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FREE Child Safety Kit

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In an age where technology is available at just about every moment, we are in a constant state of knowledge. We get in the moment footage of hurricanes, updates on criminal trials, and amber alerts sent straight to our phones. On the way home from a short jaunt last month I received such an alert. My heart jumped into my throat. I felt so awful for the poor parents who couldn’t find their baby. I was surprised, however, that I was just receiving the information when the child had been reported missing over 10 hours earlier.

Why did it take so long for the amber alert to be issued?

Continue reading “FREE Child Safety Kit”

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The Rusty Bucket; My Restaurant Away From Home

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I LOVE to eat dinner out. I get a reprieve from cooking and all the mess that comes with it, plus I get to try new foods and flavor profiles and enjoy a cocktail I could not manage on my own. A good cocktail can get me out the door most days! Sadly, with a 7 person household and a small budget, we don’t get out as much as we would like.  When we do manage, we look for decent prices, a menu that is interesting with foods that are appealing yet out of the norm, a place that is family friendly but also offers the ambience for a casual date, and some sort of entertainment. Let me tell you, there are few restaurants that offer all of these amenities.

However, I finally found my restaurant away from home.
The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern, with their new location at The Orchard Town Center in NE Westminster, meets all of my stringent standards and goes above and beyond with additional programs and incentives that will have me returning as a regular guest. Continue reading “The Rusty Bucket; My Restaurant Away From Home”

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