Protect Your Children With This Free Child Safety Kit Printable

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Nothing is as terrifying as the thought of our children’s safety being compromised. As parents, this is our main job, to keep our children safe, to protect them from the horrors of the world for as long as possible. However, no matter how hard we try, there are forces in this world that are constantly putting children in danger. This Free Child Safety Kit won’t keep those forces away, but it will help find your child faster should danger ever cause them to go missing.

Keep Your Children Safe With A Free Child Safety Kit Continue reading “Protect Your Children With This Free Child Safety Kit Printable”

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A Mattress Finding Journey & GhostBed Review

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My husband, over the last few months, has decided to go on a mattress finding journey of epic proportions.

After MUCH research, meaning INSANE amounts of it, he found the bed-in-a-box mattresses to be especially promising. These beds are delivered to you in a human sized box (don’t get any ideas) and, after careful unwrapping, expand into incredible mattresses! Continue reading “A Mattress Finding Journey & GhostBed Review”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Best Preschool Books to Show Love

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Preschool books are some of my favorite books to read to my kids, no matter what their ages. Not only are they short and sweet, but they have a way of portraying a lovely idea so well that I end up a little teary eyed!

I have chosen 10 of my favorite preschool books that get me all teary about love for this weeks Fabulous Amazon Friday!

These books are so fun to read all year long, but if you want to get them before Valentine’s Day this year, just click on the prime link and order today to get them by Monday February 13th!

Guess How Much I Love You

This is one of my absolute favorites. My kids love carrying on the loving banter between these two bunnies into their own bedtime routine!

We Belong Together

We recently discovered this book at the library and are all in love with it. It is super short but simply adorable. My 3 year old asks for it every night!

You’re My Little Love Bug

This has been a favorite in my house for years, i can actually recite the whole book by heart, I have read it so many times!

There is also this version, which is the one we own, that has lights and music while you read.

You’re My Little Love Bug [YOURE MY LITTLE LOVE BUG-B]

Little Critter: Just a Little Love

I adore Little Critter books, and this one is just as cute as all the rest!

Love is You & Me.

I think the title and illustration of this book say everything you need to know!

I Love You, Snugglesaurus! (Made with Love)

I have a dinosaur lover in my house, so we are always searching for cute books that feature snuggly rather than scary dinosaurs!

The Biggest Kiss (Classic Board Books)

I love all the classic board books, they are so fun and remind me of my own childhood.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

This book is much like the first book i recommended, but no less adorable or worthy of your book collection. We have both!

I Love You Night and Day

This book is so cute and says just what I want my children to know with much less crying and fumbling!

On the Night You Were Born

This is one that always gets a little teary stumbling down memory lane. My kids always give me an extra hug after reading this so it is one of my favs!

What are your favorite books to read your children?

*I receive a commission for anything purchased through the links provided. HOWEVER, my opinions and recommendations are my own and are not based on any retailer’s endorsement or guidance.

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Social Media Growth With Instagram

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*This is NOT a sponsored post. The views are my own and are intended solely to help other bloggers like myself who may be at “social media loss.”

I am pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but if there is one thing I learned right away, it was that social media is KEY.

In order to make your blog or business boom you need as many followers as possible on every social media site known to techno geeks worldwide; twitter, instagram, Linkedin, facebook, Google+, etc. Continue reading “Social Media Growth With Instagram”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Kids’ Valentine’s Day Stuff

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Welcome once again to Fabulous Amazon Friday’s! i love amazon, it’s such a great place to find fun, cheap items!

With Valentines Day around the corner I figured we better some lovey dovey stuff…

This week I am featuring 10 Valentine’s Day items for the little people in your life.  Not gifts though, these are books and super fun crafts so that you children can participate in spreading the love to family, friends, neighbors, WHOEVER! Continue reading “Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Kids’ Valentine’s Day Stuff”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Kids Fitness!

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Welcome to another installment of Fabulous Amazon Friday’s! Thanks for stopping by!

This week, as I have also debued the very first episode of Workout Wednesday’s with 3 Key Moves And Their Proper Form, I thought it might be prudent to continue the fitness trend, but also involve the kiddos!

In a day an age of video games and endless technological devices to occupy our children’s hands and minds, it can be hard to get them into a “workout” mindset. Therefore, I find it best to simply head back to basics when I want my children to exert some physical energy.

For kids, fitness should be about PLAYING! It should not be about a 30 minute drag-ass session of aerobics or weight training. Not only are their bodies not ready for this kind of work, but their minds will be bored to tears and they will never want to do it again. Continue reading “Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Kids Fitness!”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Fav Christmas Gifts 2016

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Welcome to Fabulous Amazon Fridays! I love sharing my expertise and personal style, and what better way to do that than through one of the largest online shopping networks available today!

This week I wanted to share the very best gifts my kids received for Christmas! These are the presents that they can’t get enough of, won’t put down, and insist on bring with us EVERYWHERE.

I know Christmas 2016 is officially in the past, however, you may come across the need sometime in 2017, for a few gifts for your own kiddos. You know birthdays, reward gifts, something special for no reason at all… Continue reading “Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Fav Christmas Gifts 2016”

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FAF: Ugly X-Mas Sweaters Galore!

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I love Amazon, it is the best place to find of the most AMAZING and, often, overlooked products out there. It is also a place to find some of the weirdest stuff, things you might not think you want or that would be perfect for that funny office gift exchange.

Ugly sweaters are definitely one of the latter. No matter how ugly they are though, I still have a special place in my heart for them…In fact I may have just ordered #10 on this list!

FAbulous AMazon Friday’s Ugly Sweater Edition!!!

Continue reading “FAF: Ugly X-Mas Sweaters Galore!”

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