Tangy, Protein-Packed, Avocado Salad with AllWhites®

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This post is sponsored by AllWhites but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I don’t know about you, but parenting along with attempting to maintain a fitness regimen AND eating healthy, is a difficult feat to say the least! That’s why I love AllWhites® 100% real liquid egg whites for my family. Not only do they provide me with the protein my body needs for building lean muscle, but I can make my family easy, healthy snacks that they love! One of my favorites is a protein-packed salad with avocados!

Since the birth of my 6th baby 7 months ago, I have really struggled to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight. I have found myself indulging in too much sugar and not enough protein. AllWhites® has helped me add protein to my diet without the added fat of many meats and cheeses and thus is helping me toward my fitness and weight loss goals!

I recently came up with a delicious, protein packed, tangy, avocado salad for my family using AllWhites®. It is delicious on toast, as a sandwich or even as a dip! Click To Tweet

There are so many great recipes that you can use with AllWhitesPlease let me know what you think of my Tangy, Protein-Packed Avocado Salad! Continue reading “Tangy, Protein-Packed, Avocado Salad with AllWhites®”

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Placenta Previa: The Emotional Truth

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Placenta Previa is a condition that can occur in pregnant women whereby the placenta partially or completely covers the mother’s cervix. When I first learned of this condition it was through a friend who had to have a C-Section because of her diagnosis. The second time, another friend was forced to take full bed-rest and gave birth 12 weeks early due to her condition.  About 3 months ago, I heard it again at my 20 week OB appointment, where I was told that I too had placenta previa.Placenta Previa

I was completely overwhelmed. My doctor informed me that my condition was moderate, meaning that the placenta didn’t entirely obscure my cervix, but that I still had to change my lifestyle. No more working out; no weights or cardio. Plus I was placed on pelvic rest, which means no intercourse.

I thank God everyday that my condition is mild. Women with a complete previa are often on total bed rest and carry a substantial chance of delivering early. Most women with this condition are in and out of their doctors office with spotting and bleeding issues, whereas I have had none. I have been extremely lucky.

Nonetheless, this has been incredibly hard. I have found tons of information on this condition all over the internet talking about physical side-effects and possible outcomes. However, the emotional consequences seem to be a topic to be avoided. This condition has changed my life for the past 3 months, and may very well change the way I bring my child into the world, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, of disappointment, of fear…

working out with Placenta Previa

For me, working out is a way of life. It is something I have done consistently for the past 12 years and brings me mental peace and physical acceptance of my body. I not only enjoy working out, I need it for peace of mind. With each of my 5 pregnancies I have modified my workouts so that I could continue them throughout each trimester, helping to keep me strong for labor and to recover faster afterwards.Placenta Previa = No Working Out

For over 3 months now I have not been allowed to do more than walk. I feel like a blob, like my body has changed and my mind has regressed back to that college student who simply can’t reconcile with her physical self. I drive my husband crazy, always asking him if I am getting fat in the face and arms; worrying that my thighs are rubbing together more today than they did yesterday.

I know it’s insane! I know, deep down, that I am gaining pretty much the same amount that I have with each pregnancy. But my brain simply can’t wrap itself around that fact. My restricted movement has turned my brain to mush and made me fear that I will never get my pre-baby body back, that my husband, a personal trainer constantly surrounded by the fittest of women, will never see me as the woman I once was…

Pelvic rest and it’s effects on marriage

I have read countless posts by women who struggle with their sex drive after having children. It isn’t about not wanting their husbands, it isn’t about a lack of love; it’s about hormones and exhaustion and lack of time. I must admit to struggling with this at times myself.

However, being told that you aren’t allowed to have sex, to participate in the most intimate act with your significant other, is entirely different. The key word here is INTIMACY, not SEX. We all know that there are plenty of ways to obtain sexual release that don’t require intercourse. However, those particular acts do not create the intimate feeling of love and togetherness that intercourse does.

I am very much in love with my husband. My already stressed brain worries that the lack of intimacy will change our relationship or make him desire me less…forever. If I examine the crazy parts of my emotions, the parts I know are not true/won’t happen, I worry that he will find intimacy elsewhere. While I know without a doubt that he would never do this, my fear is still real, it’s lurking there, picking at my sanity.

They don’t tell you about the emotional stressess associated with pelvic rest. No doctor mentioned how hard it would be to NOT have sex even when your body is bloated and sore and your hormones are out of wack.

A Different approach to labor with Placenta previa

One of the most dangerous effects of placenta previa is the possibility of bleeding during labor. There is a risk of the placenta detaching too soon from the wall of the uterus, or tearing during birth and causing hemorrhaging. It is also a possibility that the placenta could be delivered first, which is not safe for your baby.

Therefore, whether the previa is considered complete or mild, a vaginal birth will not be allowed and a C-Section will be scheduled.

Placenta Previa C Section

I have had 5 vaginal births, and with each labor I have feared nothing more than having to have a C-section. Now that I am 33 weeks along and my previa is still present, it looks like I will not have the choice of a vaginal delivery. And I am devastated.

Yes, I know plenty of women have had C-sections and everything ends up fine. Yes, I know I am being slightly dramatic. But I want a normal delivery. I want my child to come into the world the natural way; to be thrust on my chest where he or she can cuddle and suckle and be loved immediately. I don’t want to lie there and be sown up for an hour, I don’t want my husband to see me like that; weak and taken apart…

I want the same experience I have had with all my babies.

The recovery is also an issue. With a vaginal birth, despite some significant stitches in the past, I  have always been able to walk and go about a fairy normal routine almost immediately. How am I supposed to take care of my family after such a major surgery? I don’t want to depend on others to take care of me and my children.

For me a C-section would be life changing for a week. A week where I regret not having a natural labor to remember with my final baby, a week of having to depend on others to help me and my family. I know I am being childish, but my brain simply can’t wrap around changing the status quo and welcoming a baby in any way other than I already have 5 times previously.

accepting Placenta Previa and it’s limitations

I have definitely not accepted all the challenges of placenta previa. I am upset about what not working out has done to my body everyday, I worry about my marriage and the intimacy we are missing constantly, and I am still holding out hope that something will change and I will be able to deliver my 6th child naturally. There are lots of silent tears, because I know most of these things are silly and shouldn’t be worried about; they will all work themselves out after birth. Ultimately, as long as the baby is healthy and happy, everything else with fall into place.

I never expected all these emotions on top of pregnancy and the hormonal changes that are difficult enough. Placenta previa isn’t just a physical condition, it effects aspects of life that you would never expect it to, in substantial ways.

I know many people think I am probably over reacting, or just being HORMONAL, but my emotions, no matter what they are caused by, are real. I can’t imagine that other women going through the same process, or worse dealing with a complete previa, aren’t struggling emotionally as well. If you are, you aren’t alone…

Placenta Previa


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How To Start A Workout Routine TODAY

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If there is one thing that I hear A LOT, it’s that people “really need to get back into a workout routine” but just don’t know where to start.

Let me assure you, getting started is the hardest part. Beginning a workout routine means divvying from your current routine, and who likes change? It also means starting something that is not going to feel all that great for a few days and, in fact, may cause more pain! Continue reading “How To Start A Workout Routine TODAY”

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5 Tricks To Eating Healthy On The Go

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There are a lot of busy people out there who are trying to increase the healthy side of their lives. This can be difficult, however, when you are constantly on the GO!

As a mother of five with the 4H fair season approaching, baseball practice starting for 2 of my kids, plus school trips, projects, and my own work schedule to pack in, I know how easy it is to jump on the burger and fry, drive through bandwagon. Continue reading “5 Tricks To Eating Healthy On The Go”

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Workout Wednesday #10: 10 Minute Body Weight Workout

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday #10! I can’t believe we have already made it to March 2017!

Hopefully your fitness goals for this year are coming along nicely! Sadly, my own goals have gone off track a bit as I have found out I am pregnant another baby and have a wretched case of morning sickness that lasts all day! Vomiting and working out are a big ole faux pax so I am taking some time off until the wretching ceases.

However, that doesn’t mean I am stopping the workout motivation! I can’t wait to get back into the fitness saddle so I am keeping up with Workout Wednesday’s!

This week I am bringing you a 10 minute, body weight workout. That means no dumbbells, no kettlebells, no bars. Just you and a tiny bit of your time! Continue reading “Workout Wednesday #10: 10 Minute Body Weight Workout”

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Workout Wednesday #8: Fitness Through Sickness

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I think by now everyone knows that when your body is healthy your mind will follow. You will be less prone to depression, injury and illness.

Nevertheless, germs are freaking everywhere! Between snotty kids, less than cleanly co-workers, and dirty doorknobs EVERYWHERE, everyone is bound to get sick at some point.

Think you had a hard time motivating yourself to workout when you were well? Try getting yourself geared up for a jog or a jot at the gym with a killer cold!

Here’s the thing though, you NEED to continue your workout routine through the sickness. Not only will it actually help you beat the germs faster, kind of like sweating out toxins, but you will feel better after a good hard routine.

There are, of course, some exceptions. If you are nauseous or, God forbid, have jumped straight into vomiting hell, you get a workout pass.  Barfing on the gym floor is bad form. 

Also any chest cold that causes a cough hard enough to create difficulty breathing or asthma like symptoms; you can rest on the couch for a day or so. There will be no dying while working out.

Another one to sit out for is a fever. If you are already running hot you should not get your body temperature even higher with a workout.

Everyone else, strap on your tennis shoes and get a  move on!

I have done plenty of workout outs where I am forced to pause to blow my nose constantly, or cough up a bit of phlegm mid jump rope. Power through my friend.

Yes, it’s gonna suck some serious arse while you do it, but you and your body will feel better for pushing through the burn.

You also don’t have to do your usual routine on a super sick day. You should absolutely try to, but if you just can’t manage it, take it down a notch. Take a jaunty walk around the block or do a in indoor walking workout like the one below from Jessica Smith.

There are plenty of low impact exercises you can do through illness that will still work your body but make you fell less like you want to die.

Another idea is to simply do a “Bro-Lift” day.  Rather than doing high impact HIIT, interval workouts, or compound movements designed to work your muscles while getting your heart rate up, plan on some general lifting moves. Try doing 4 rounds of 25 Bicep Curls, 25 overhead presses, 25 slow squats, 25 hammer curls,  and 25 tricep dips (or press backs). Take a good 2-3 minute break in between rounds so your heart rate doesn’t skyrocket.

Don’t get me wrong, this will get your heart going, but it will do so in less of a cardio fashion that can exacerbate a bad cold.

You can also go for a round of good old fashioned Yoga. I’m not much of a yoga fan, myself. I prefer getting my heart up rather than trying to calm it down. However, there was about a week in October of last year where I was wretchedly ill and just couldn’t do anything bouncy, so I gave it a try. I must admit that, though I prefer a different style of exercise, my muscles still got a good push from this form of fitness. The video below was one of one my favorites.

I know you don’t want to focus on fitness during your sickness. However it is important to continue to mold your body. Push yourself through the hard times and you will see results both in your physical strength and your body’s ability fight germs in the future.

In the past two years, as my husband and I have taken our fitness more seriously, we have seen a massive reduction in the amount of illness we contract and also in the time it takes to recover when we do get sick. With 5 kids bringing home nastiness, CONSTANTLY, this is a big win for us.

So grab a box of tissues and your gym bag, it’s “fitness through sickness” time!




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Workout Wednesday’s #6: 10 Minute Standing Abs

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How have we made it to week 6 already!?

I hope everyone has found something that they enjoy in this series so far. Whether it be inspiration, a great new workout, help on correct form, motivation, etc.

I am truly enjoying this weekly series and look forward to continuing them all year long!

For today I have put together a great, 10 minute, abdominal workout! It’s a quickie, and who doesn’t have time for that! Ha! Continue reading “Workout Wednesday’s #6: 10 Minute Standing Abs”

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