Heirloom Family Pumpkin Craft

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Fall is in the air! It isn’t here quite yet, but you can see it in the Halloween decorations lining the shelves, smell it in the pumpkin EVERYTHING coming from local coffee shops, and feel it with those slightly chillier nights. So this weekend I decided I’d better jump on the fall band wagon and get to crafting something orange!

I haven’t quite gotten into the full Halloween spirit yet, so I didn’t want to attack anything scary or spider themed. I settledwp_20160913_08_21_10_pro on something that can be a centerpiece for Thanksgiving and a cute side item for Halloween and that also appeals to my emotional “mom” state. Emotional moms love things that cement their children’s ages for the future. Anything with pictures, footprints, or hand-prints. So we made a family pumpkin.

For this project you will need;
1) Everyone living in your home who you consider family
2) A fake pumpkin large enough to fit the largest hand (we got ours at Walmart for $10, it was called a craft carving pumpkin, whatever that means) in whatever color you prefer
3) Acrylic paint, or any other permanent paint that you feel comfortable using. You will need a different color for each member of your family.

Pretty easy list right? We already had the paint and the people lying around so all we had to purchase was the pumpkin. A family keepsake for $10 that will make me cry yearly until I die? Totally worth it. Continue reading “Heirloom Family Pumpkin Craft”

Dare To Share!