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Holy wow, the last month has been an absolute whirlwind of activity!

You may have noticed that has been down for the last 2 weeks. More on this later in this post, but for now, just know that we are back up and running and we are going to be better than ever!

Here is a quick recap of our month as I haven’t been able to create a post!

School days

We ended August with 4 kids in school! As if juggling four different teachers and four different grades of homework wasn’t enough, we received word the second week of school that our first grader had made the cut to get into a local charter. While I don’t have anything against the neighborhood elementary school that my kiddos attend, I am VERY concerned about the middle school (more on our decision to move to a charter in a later post!). Essentially, getting my firsty into the charter will save my fifth grader from the horror of the monster middle school. Therefore, I was left juggling 4 kids in 3 separate schools, each with a different calendar, different expectations and different start and end times….OY

welcoming baby #6!

Soon after our school conundrum we learned that our 6th baby would have to be born via C-Section. This was not a huge surprise as we had known about the previa that causes natural labor to be dangerous for mom and baby since my 20 appointment. If you would like to know more about Placenta Previa chcek out my post “Placenta Previa: The Emotional Truth.

Due to the fact that I was already having contractions and, with this being our 6th baby, the fact that labor could set in very quickly, our doctor decided that we would meet our newest addition at 37 weeks gestation.

Having a C-Section after 5 vaginal births was definitely a new experience, and one I hope to NEVER repeat. I will be writing more on the differences between a “natural” birth and Cesarean (other than the obvious!) in the next few weeks. Big Fit Fam #6

We welcomed our little Sonja on September 12th and she is simply wonderful! She is the second girl in our brood of 6, a big surprise to me as I fully expected a boy!

Big Fit Fam #6

Recovery from such major surgery has been difficult to say the least. Whether I am healed or not I have 6 children to tend to, not to mention never ending laundry, chauffeur services for school aged kiddos, errands and cooking for a family of 8.  I love every minute of my big family, but i could do without the pain!

Malware and switching hosting services

36 hours after I cam home, just 3 days after Sonja was born, I received a 3am call that my other “baby,” my blogging website, had been shut down and my account deactivated by bluehost. I came to find out that my site was infected with malware. What!? How the heck did that happen? Why would any hacker choose MY site? It’s not super popular, it doesn’t get a million hits a day, it barely gets a few thousand a month!

I was devastated. And in the midst of having a newborn and recovering from surgery, I simply couldn’t deal with trying to fix it for a few days. The decision to wait to get my site running again was made even easier when I was told by bluehost’s security company that I would have $150 dollars to fix my site and then sign up for a $50/month protection plan. Um, NO! if I was making bukko bucks perhaps, but I’m not….I basically spew out a bunch of posts each month and hope to eventually make a little extra Christmas money!

After a few days of research I decided I needed to switch hosting companies. I chose Lyrical Host, who made the switch easy and were so very helpful! More on why I needed to switch and how amazing Lyrical Host has been in a future article!

So, I finally have my site back up! I have a 2 week old, along with my 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 year old, and while I continue to recover I feel better everyday.

I am so excited to continue my blogging journey amidst juggling my family! Stay turned for some amazing articles coming out soon!



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