Best DIY, Boozy Holiday Gifts

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I don’t know about you, but I get a bit stressed about giving gifts. Will it be something they like? Will my budget be blown? Do I have time to “DIY” something special? UGH!!! As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, right?

Here are the gifts that will melt all the stress away! Cheap, easy, DIY, from the heart, and who doesn’t like booze?!

1.  Cocktail Mason Jars UNDER $5

Head to the dollar store and stock up on mason jars and cans of soda, then run to the liquor store for some amazing add-ins like Bailey’s, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Kahlua or some 99 Cherry Vodka! Your Christmas party just got a whole lot more fun!

Remember this to pack more into the basket! hehe..drinks inside a decorated mason :):

@heathgiff -- made our "Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts" for Christmas presents!! #somethingturquoiseDIY:

2. Boozy Hot chocolate and marshmallows with a gift card to boot! UNDER $10

Drop in your fav hot chocolate mix (buy a bulk size and you will save env more moeny if you are doing multiple gifts) and top with tiny marshmallows. Strap on a shooter of Bailey’s or Kahlua along with a $5 Gift Card to your favorite coffee joint and VOILA!

Yankee Swap gift this year! Hot chocolate, marshmallows, Baileys & Starbucks in an awesome mason jar! Someone is getting luckyyyy!:

3. Reindeer Beer UNDER $10

What’s easier than buying a sixer of your fav beer or cocktail and popping on some stickers and pipe cleaners from the dollar bin?!

25 DIY Christmas Gifts For Him:

4. Boozy Bouquet  UNDER $20

This one is tad more expensive but it sure is beautiful! All you need is a dollar store pot, some filler, a few sticks, a glue gun and your favorite mixers. Add some packs of gum for that post holiday party, booze breath, and you have a gift they will never forget!

Liquor bouquet for white elephant gift. You can't go wrong.:

5. Hot Butter Run Batter UNDER $5 per gift

This batter is super delicious and simple to make.  The recipe makes a ton so it is perfect to divvy up into 1/2 pints with shooter of your favorite rum to get your gift-ee started!

Edible Gift: Hot Buttered Rum Batter | Evermine Blog |

6. Mulled WIne Kit ~$20

I love this idea! It’s super simple to put together and a great gift for anyone who  loves sipping a warm, boozy beverage at the end of the day, or the beginning…cause, you know, some days are rougher than others!

How-to Make a Mulled Wine Kit @tastyyummies:

7. Mini Margarita’s in a jar UNDER $5

Once again, head to the dollar store stock up on some mason jars! Then sidle your way to the liquor shop and grab 6 shooters of your favorite tequila and sixer of canned margarita mix. You can can also go the fancy route and get a pack of Corona or Bud Light LIme and large bottle of citrus mix. Divvy up the citrus mix into small 2-3 oz containers and tie them onto the mason jar with the shooter. Now you have an amaze-balls, super refreshing margarita gift!

Mini Mason Jar Margarita Gift Set

8. DIY Infused Spirits – cost depends on which main liquor you choose

These cocktail mixers, made from scratch and with love, take a bit longer to whip up, but are so unique and easily catered to individual tastes that they are worth the effort. You can mix up a large batch and gift to many people for very cheap!

How to make your own DIY infused vodkas in flavors like candy cane or cranberry-citrus for holiday gifts.:

The DIY Kahlua is my FAVORITE! My aunt makes it and it’s delicious and so much cheaper than store bought!

Three REcipes for DIY Homemade Kahlua ~ Beanilla's DIY Homemade Kahlua, Freshly Brewed Coffee Kahlua and Need it Now Homemade Kahlua:

I can’t wait to make these for my friends and family this year! I always make cookies as gifts, but booze is so much more fun!





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