Babies Are ALWAYS A Blessing: Smile For The Reveal

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Babies are always a blessing!

New life, new love, tiny toes….There is nothing about babies that doesn’t make me smile. It’s also so exciting to see the reactions of those you love when you tell them about your coming bundle of joy!

For those of you that have done the big pregnancy reveal before, you probably remember your first time.ย  Telling your parents meant tears of joy, maybe even jumping around and screaming in excitement. Yeay babies!

The first baby is always so thrilling.

Have more than 1-3, however, and the excitement is replaced with astonishment;

“You’re having ANOTHER one?!”

“You do know how this keeps happening, right?”

By our 4th pregnancy reveal we got almost no reaction at all! Everyone was so used to me being pregnant at that point that it was no big deal and my in laws had even predicted the pregnancy so it was no fun at all when they said that they “already knew.”

I get it. The novelty wears off and people are already bombarded with babies when you have a larger family.

But I freaking love babies, so I am excited each and every time someone tells me they are joining the mommy club, for the first or tenth time, it makes no difference to me!

This time around we didn’t really expect anyone to jump and cheer with joy, haha. People have been warning us to “knock it off” ever since the birth of numero cinco. Anytime over the last 20 months that I would deny myself an alcoholic beverage someone would chime in with, “you better not be pregnant!”

I always laugh it off, it’s kind of funny, but also a little sad…we love of our family, as crazy as it is with 5 kids under 10 running around, and we feel we have more love to give.

We didn’t get any cheering or hollering with our #6 reveal (due September 2017), but we did get a happy congrats from most of our family and friends….I say most because we did get a couple one word responses, such as “wow” and nothing else. And my mom’s response, which I “cleverly” acted out below, was less than inspiring, LOL.

There is definitely a big difference between expecting baby #1 and Baby #ANYTHING-BEYOND-3.

I get that baby #4-AND-BEYOND is not as innovative as baby #1….but if mom and dad are happy, slap on your shiniest smile and say congrats. No matter how crazy you think they are, no matter how insane you think their current brood already is. If the love is there for a new baby, share it right back with them.

You can talk about how bonkers you think they are behind their backs later!



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36 thoughts on “Babies Are ALWAYS A Blessing: Smile For The Reveal

  1. Babies are definitely a blessing in life. I can’t wait to someday soon I hope have my this child which will be our last. If I could have more I would but alas 3 little blessings we will treasure. Congrats on the newest addition ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m just about to have my first in a week or so, and I’m not so sure I’d be able to manage more than two in my house, haha! More power to you, mama! AND CONGRATS!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. As a photographer, pregnancy announcements, gender reveals and maternity sessions are some of my favorites. Mama’s glow is just always so beautiful and it is such a lovely time for the couple, their smiles are contagious!

  4. I’m currently trying for a baby, and am planning (and pinning!) lots of cute ideas for announcing our pregnancy. It will be our first, and I’m so desperate for one, that it’ll be a pretty big deal! Babies are definitely a blessing and should be celebrated ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love this post! Totally true, every baby is a blessing. That youtube video of the announcements made me so happy! Seriously cute

  6. This is such a nice and positive message! I agree you should be happy and excited for someone just as much as they are for whatever is going on in their life , and especially for babies or kitties puppies!!!!

  7. Yep. No one was excited for us when we announced #7 except actual Friends. Family who we only keep in touch with via Facebook didnt even really get excited. Oh well, we are/were!

  8. Woo hoo!! Yay for more babies. Don’t mind people, they are just jealous that they can’t be more like you. I love, absolutely love children and each one of them is an amazing blessing. Congratulations!!

  9. Yea I totally agree that every baby is definitely a blessing! And with that blessing, every parents should plan it because there comes a lot of responsibility. It’s fine to have a big family if you can make sure that you can nurture and give them the future that they deserve.

  10. Babies are always a blessing! It’s interesting because the reactions I got from each kid was different. At first everyone was excited and then people started getting more surprised as we had more kids.

  11. yikes your mom really sad that? That’s crazy! I admit one time I had a bad reaction when I congratulated someone who said they were pregnant and they burst into tears telling me they weren’t sure they were happy about it. Emotions can run rampant at this time, say congrats. ALWAYS!

  12. I love your attitude! It’s sad that we can be cynical a bit about parents who expect their #… baby. Baby is a joy, a blessing, it doesn’t matter if they born as the first or the third.

  13. We just “announced” on Facebook about our pregnancies. But that was mostly because of our fertility issues. It’s such a private experience that isn’t quite the same once you’ve shared it with others.

  14. I LOVE baby announcements. No kids for me right now, but as long as everyone around me keeps having babies I’ll be happy!!

  15. It does get tougher to be original with an announcement after a few kids, I agree. Bu, that doesn’t make the baby any less important. I think that as long as the baby is healthy, then the announcement doesn’t have to be a big deal.

  16. Oh I so agree – babies are such a blessing. I so wish I would have been able to hold my babies just a little longer and enjoy it just a little more.

  17. I have two and that is enough for me, but my sister in law keeps having babies and I love it. I get my fix from her ๐Ÿ™‚

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