7 Reasons Nothing Gets Done At My House

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Have you ever tried to finish or even start a much anticipated project and come up against a wall every time to try to start?

I have about 10 million projects around and within my house that I am anxious to complete, or just begin! Yet, there always seems to be something that keeps me from turning my house into the home of my dreams….Let’s start with POOP…

1. Poop. Yes, bowel movements of all shapes and sizes from people of all shapes and sizes keep me from completing tasks.  Say I have grand plans of running many errands and getting home in time make a wonderful dinner for the family; NOT GONNA HAPPEN! One of two little people will be sure to defecate up their back into their hair while running said errands. Someone else will have taken the wipes out of my purse earlier in the day and milk will have spilled all over the  clean back up clothes in the bottom of my bag. By the time I arrive home I will be too grossed out and emotionally exhausted to cook anything that takes longer than 10 minutes.  Even at home poop keeps me from completing extra projects around the house because I find I have to clean up POOP! I will either need to plunge the toilet, clean up an accident, or I will step in poop while simultaneously yelling for the kids to clean up the dogs’ poop.

2. Everyday Chores. I have grand plans for so many things around my home. Redo closets, paint rooms, create useful masterpieces our of old furniture, organize EVERYTHING, etc.  However, keeping up with the daily tasks that need to be completed makes it near impossible to begin projects that I simply WANT to do.  How can I redo my daughters room when I need to clean my own room and do 5 loads of laundry while also yelling at my kids to clean their own rooms? How can I paint an entire room when I already need to repaint the kitchen wall that somehow constantly has milk all over it? Basically I need a volunteer maid to do the everyday things that come with being and adult so that I can afford the time to do the things that will make my home “homier.”

3. My husband. An incredible provider, father, and partner, my husband is my opposite in many ways.  For one, he is an early bird, a characteristic that has almost caused his early morning death more than once, and I am a night owl. Therefore, I get my energy around 3pm and am happy to clean and begin projects all evening. However, this is down time for my hubs. Time when he sits and cuddles with the kiddos and we finally get some alone time when the goofing off finally ends. When my husband worked swing shifts I was rather productive and proud of myself as he wasn’t home to distract me from chores and projects, convincing me that a nice cuddle on the couch would be better than patching a hole in the wall. Now that he has a day job, I get the kitchen clean after dinner and proceed to sit on my ass giggling and watching super hero shows. Mind you I am not really complaining….I’ll take Thor over a newly painted closet.

4. Children. In all honesty this should probably be the number one reason I get nothing done. I love my children, they are amazing and the light in my life.  They are also needy, grumpy, stinky, snarky little goobers that foil all attempts to complete tasks. Someone is always hungry, in need of their bottom being wiped, crying, fighting, or making a mess where I just cleaned.  ALWAYS. There is no down time from children requiring something or creating something that requires you.  And if you do manage to start a new project, a fury of needy kiddos like no other will suddenly descend upon you and you will be too tired, or annoyed, or both, to continue once they have left you in peace.

5. Money.  Let’s not forget that every little project requires cash. Just refinishing my kitchen cabinets with those cool Home Depot kits is probably gonna cost around $300 smackers.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that we aren’t millionaires posing as normal middle class people with a crap load of kids? Well, we’re not. We have student loans and grocery bills just like everyone else. As well as a mortgage and summer activities to pay for and the occasional, and completely unexpected, car repairs and medical bills. Not to mention that when we get a little extra moolah here and there we would rather spend it on fun family activities than on something that will take away from family time because we still can’t afford to pay for someone else to do it.

6. Time.  That pesky little clock ticks away faster than I ever believed it would as a child. It seems that the day barely begins and I am already behind on my list of things to do. By the time I change diapers and get breakfast for everyone, I need a second cup of coffee and a time out from the fighting and whining. Then it’s time for a quick workout and I always forget something at the store that I need to get before lunch. Then lunch and to the park for some play time followed by nap time and suddenly it’s time to start dinner. Somewhere in there I had to clean the kitchen and do laundry as well as drive someone to some activity or another.  I need a project fairy to start and finish things for me while I juggle my daily routine.

7. Finishing. I am a terrible finisher. When I finally find the time and energy, I am great at getting started on new projects. I plan things out, choose my layouts and colors, buy all the necessary supplies…And then everything sits there for a while.  I lose my luster and become overwhelmed by the amount of work this new project will take. Even if it’s just repainting one wall, the time and effort required are huge in my household.  I must find a way to move all furniture and prep the ground for inevitable paint splatter while also dodging a one and two year old who suddenly think what I am doing is the most interesting thing in the world. Then I must wait until those two little demons have gone down for a nap. As soon as they do and I am far enough into the project where it would be extremely difficult to stop, they will suddenly wake up and be inexplicably needy and unable to be anywhere other than attached to my chest for the next hour. I give up and tell myself I will try again tomorrow…Yeah right. I will stare at the beginning of my project for another week, maybe four, until I have company coming over and force myself to finish….

So my home is a place of unfinished projects and plans for projects yet to be fulfilled. I have great dreams for my house and how it will eventually look and feel. I’m guessing in about 20 years or so my dreams will be realized. In the meantime, my house is filled with love and crazy babies and, finished or not, I love it.

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