5 Things You Didn’t Expect About Morning Sickness

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Ah, morning sickness; because labor and delivery are so easy at the end of pregnancy SOMEONE (we won’t name names) decided that us women should have to go through a bit of a rough patch at the beginning of pregnancy to make up for it.

If you didn’t already know, “morning” sickness is a ginormous pile of crap. Whoever came up with that name is a wretched liar and should have horrible diarrhea for a long period of time…like 3 months at least.

Morning sickness is a term that refers to the constant, all day, all night nausea that accompanies the first three months of pregnancy. Glorious. NOT just the morning, people!

Lucky for us, or we would never get pregnant, whoever coined the term “morning sickness” didn’t know what he was talking about. He also forget to mention all the other wonderful things a woman can expect in the first trimester….

  1. Saint Bernard Syndrome- You thought drool would only be an issue when the baby was actually born? Think again and let the water works begin! As if barfing up a storm wasn’t bad enough, you can also expect to excrete massive amounts of saliva that make you want to spit like a camel or,  you guessed it, vomit some more!
  2. Gas- All those hormones rolling around your tummy are not only creating nausea on a massive scale, they are also building up burps and farts that can clear entire rooms! If my husband wasn’t already disgusted with my constant puking and lack of hygiene due to exhaustion, he pretty much wants to sleep downstairs with the noxious fumes my baby filled body can now emit. I must admit, I’m slightly proud….
  3. Pooping Problems- Have you ever had a poop the size, shape, and consistency of a baseball?  Well get ready because horrible constipation is one awesome side effect of the first trimester. Let me tell you, it hurts! It also contributes to extra nausea, cause you’re obviously feeling  just a little TOO good during this period.
  4. The Food Conundrum- When you get the stomach flu, you don’t eat right? Thus, nausea should always mean you don’t want food? Welcome to pregnancy, where if you don’t eat for too long, you get nauseous, if you eat the wrong thing, you throw up, and if you eat too much you barf your guts out. Don’t get too excited when you finally find a food that seems to work for your belly, either….you’ll projectile vomit that right back up tomorrow.
  5. Erratic Temperature Issues I’m freaking freezing ALL the damn time! Even when I have gone through the first trimester in the warm summer months, I have found myself constantly colder than usual. It’s obnoxious! What’s even worse, is if I happen to be able to warm up I will quickly get too hot….           HOT= VOMIT…. FREEZING= SHIVERING= VOMIT….So basically you’re going to be the world’s most miserable wretch for 3 months…YEAY!

With all this to look forward to, it truly is amazing that we ever allow men anywhere near us…until we see an adorable little bundle of pink or blue at the store and we forget the horror our bodies will go through and demand our own bundle IMMEDIATELY!

Morning sickness does have it’s perks….

More Sickness = More Hormones = Healthier Pregnancy

…I guess I can take 3 months of hell to insure a wiggling bundle of happy, healthy baby at the end.




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37 thoughts on “5 Things You Didn’t Expect About Morning Sickness

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  2. I remember with my first pregnancies, I never had a moments morning sickness and I was so worried about having a healthy baby. However, now, with this pregnancy. I have been so ill for the first 3 months and these last 2 are just as bad! I’m not hungry, or I only want starch (great for the body), I am permanently freezing!!! Can’t sleep and have had the worst MIGRANES! But yes, thankful for healthy babies!!! 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! #globalblogging

  3. When I was pregnant with my first born (a girl) I was sick all of the way through the pregnancy. I used to throw up until my bladder gave in and I pee-d all over. Absolutely great! I had the odd day of feeling really, really sick when I was pregnant with my boys, however I think I threw up once with the second and not at all with the third. It was the worst feeling! But you’re right, it’s all forgotten afterwards. 🙂

    I always counted myself lucky as my sister was really ill with all three of her pregnancies. With her second, she ended up passing out, and in hospital on a drip, on several occasions as she couldn’t eat and could barely drink fluids.

    Thanks for linking to #AnythingGoes

  4. I had horrible morning sickness with my two boys and it was all day all night sickness. I was hungry and feeling nauseous all the time. I never ever thought that would be possible. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  5. I had those sickness but not only on the morning 😛 I’m happy that it finished and hope it will be different with another one in the future. Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

  6. Although it has it perks for the health of your pregnancy, morning sickness is not fun. I had a friend who used to pull over at the same gas station every morning to throw up. Poor thing, but at least the people at the gas station were ready for her every day.

  7. Yeah all these are early symptoms of pregnancy but seem to surprize a lot of people. I love the St. Bernard joke!

  8. I had evening sickness. I felt stick more in the evenings which is strange. Maybe it was just exhaustion but it sure made me feel bad. I was lucky it was never too bad though.

  9. I was so over prepared for morning sickness with both of my children. Thankfully I didn’t have any! My heart goes out to those who do…I’ve seen it first hand and I can’t imagine it is any fun.

  10. I had the worst morning sickness during my first trimester when I was pregnant with my son. All of those things you mentioned sound about right! When I hit my 2nd trimester, it just stopped, thank goodness. But the whole first trimester was miserable!

  11. Oh yes LOL!!! I forgot about some of these things LOL! Pregnancy can be oh so gross, yet so amazing!

  12. Wow, those first three months sound very rough! I am not a mom, but I can respect the whole process….Saint Bernard’s syndrome – yikes! It does seem like there are many triggers that induce vomiting.

  13. I had two kids and their pregnancies are a bit of a blur right now, but I do remember terrible nausea and a craving for tomatoes. Good luck getting through this tough patch.

  14. haha as someone who is halfway through on baby no 2 it definitely doesn’t just last 3 months for some of these haha I still alternate between freezing and boiling several times a day, I won’t even comment on the others :p

  15. I don’t have children but I am pretty sure if I did they would be hearing about my morning sickness every single time they misbehaved! “No you can not throw a fit in the grocery store…do you know that I drooled all over because of you!” haha!

  16. Geez that sounds so intense and to think that some women get morning sickness and some don’t. Totally not fair haha. Can’t believe all these other things come with it

  17. I shouldn’t laugh because it does sound painful but it did make me laugh at the image of you clearing out a room with a fart. Morning sickness sounds horrible x

  18. I am 36 weeks pregnant now. I feel like my morning sickness has kind of come back a little, its so strange. Worst part is, that half the time I want to eat EVERYTHING and the other half I feel like I am going to get sick, absolutely no balance.

  19. Oh yes the joys of pregnancy oh hell I don’t miss those days. With my first child I was only sick in the evenings for the first two months. With my second child I was sick pretty much all day long every day up until my eighth month it was torture .

  20. I never had morning sickness with any of my pregnancies and I am so thankful. My poor sister in law was sick for the whole 9 months.

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