5 Easy Tips to Save On Back to School

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Can you believe we are only a month away from sending our lovely kiddos back to school!? For us, the summer has flown by, and as much as I hate the fighting at home, I dread sending them back. I’m also horrified by the idea of those back to school supply lists that put a serious pinch in our budget every year. With 4 kids going to school this fall, I need to save every penny I can on supplies! Here are 5 tips to save on back to school that will help pad your pocketbook!

5 Tips To Save On Back To School

Cutting coupons is great IF you have the time and organizational skills….I DO NOT. Thus I use these methods to help cut back on my bills!


I just recently started using this app after having heard about it for years, and I can’t believe I didn’t sign up sooner! Not only is it simple to use, it’s also quick and totally worth It. Simply click on the store you will be shopping in and scroll through all the coupons they are offering on products. If I’m in a hurry I will use the handy search option to search out the things I know I need. Add them to your rebates, go shopping, come home and scan your receipt and the items that you found money back for! VOILA! Easy as pie and twice as good because you get moolah too! You can also use it for online purchases, simply wait for the items to arrive along with your receipt and you’re good to go!

Plus there is a $10 bonus for new users going on right now! That’s $10 to line your pocketbook just for checking out the app a couple times! Totally worth it. This app is also great because it allows you to combine coupons you already have for extra savings. I often save using cup out coupons or in store apps and then save again when I get home with Ibotta! Simply follow  this LINK to sign up and start earning cash back today!


I have used this awesome website for a few years and have found it super helpful for saving money pretty much everywhere. I use it for travel bookings, daily shopping needs, Christmas and birthdays! And now I need it for back to school.

As easy as Ibotta is, Ebates is even easier. Simply choose the store you wish to purchase from and click on the “shop now” button. The website will automatically open a new window to that stores website while also opening a “ticket” that will track your purchase total and give you a certain percentage back. Each store has their cash back percentage prominently displayed on Ebates making it easy to pick and choose the best store for saving the most money. There is also an awesome little tab right now called “Back to School Double Cash Back” that will give you all the stores offering more than their normal amount of money back!

Ebates is now offering an in store cash back option as well. Simply add a credit card to your ebates account and then link-up stores that you want to shop at in person! Then all you have to do is save $$$!

The other great thing about Ebates is that they research all additional coupons for each store for you and put them right on their site for you to see and use. I love getting promo codes and special offers that I wouldn’t have known about as it saves even more money! Sign up today and you get $10 automatically added to your first big fat check! This is the other great thing, I don’t have to choose gift cards or use my cash back at a specific store. Ebates simple sends me a check or direct deposits my savings into an account of my choosing! Follow this LINK to sign up NOW!


Swagbucks is a lot like Ebates in that this site offers your a certain percentage back at stores that you shop at online. Sometimes Swagbucks’ cashback offers are better so I always check both sites before I buy! The big difference between these two sites is that Swagbucks also has a variety of other ways to earn money to help you pay for school supplies or a little extra treat at the end of the month.

Between surveys and companies that will pay to have you watch video segments, there are tons of ways to rack up points that transfer to a big pocketbook! Swagbucks uses a point system, where every 100 points equals $1 and will transfer your points to a gift card of your choosing whenever you are ready for some extra spending money.

If I know that I will be needing a little extra Moolah I will sign into swagbucks and start finding ways to earn points. Often, as I will be working on the computer anyway I will click on the “watch” option and earn points listening to videos while I do my own blogging thing. While surveys are bit more time intensive they can really pan out points wise, and another great option is to find companies that will pay you sign up for their free trials (just don’t forget to opt out before the grace period is over!). You also get bonus points for free when you get a certain amount of points in a day! Click on the banner below or follow this LINK and get $5 for signing up with me!
Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com


In store apps are a great way to get instant savings on your purchases! If you have a smart phone or tablet you simple look up the app at the google play store and start packing your wallet with the money you save! For example, the Target Cartwheel app allows you to find special discounts on items throughout the store. You simply add items to your cart and then have the cashier scan the checkout barcode off your phone or tablet. Your balance will decrease before your eyes! Target cartwheel also gives you special promotional coupons and even presents you with “Perks” once you’ve spent a certain amount at their store.

Walmart also has a savings app called Savings Catcher. With this app you sign up and then scan your receipt after every shopping trip. Walmart will search for offers on the items that you purchased and if they find a better discount they will refund you the amount you would have saved if you had shopped somewhere else. They will load the savings onto your account and you can trade them in for a Walmart gift card whenever you wish.

Be sure to search out apps for your favorite stores in your area or simply ask a clerk if they offer a program. Downloading apps from MacDonalds,  Startbucks and the like are another great way to be sure that you cash in on savings throughout the year!

Saving money is always worth the effort! For example, I don’t shop at King Soopers very often, but I know that those who do save tons by using their coupon app!

-National Consumer Panel-

Another easy way to rack up some extra cash is by joining the National Consumer Panel. You do have to apply for this program and acceptance usually takes about a month by the time they send you the needed equipment. However, once accepted, all you have to do is use the handy dandy scanner they send you to scan your purchased items, either while shopping at the store, or at home when your errands are finished. NCP will give you points for each shopping trip you record, whether you buy 1 item or 100!

You can also earn points by participating in surveys that your account will be invited to. Use your points to buy discounted products, services, and gift cards from the extensive list they generate and also be entered into monthly sweepstakes to win cash!

A special NCP discount is available for AT&T customers as well! This is perfect for those of who are slightly worried about the cost of phones for their almost teens…And let’s face it, phones are an important item for many kids going back to school!

5 Tips To Save On Back To School

Are you ready for your kids to start up school again? I feel better about the approach of school armed with these back to school savings tips, however, I would still rather have my babies at home with me!

How do you save on back to school supplies?







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27 thoughts on “5 Easy Tips to Save On Back to School

  1. Crazy how time flies! Back-to-School is just around the corner! Thanks for the resources, I’ve heard a lot about swaybacks and ebates.

  2. I’ve never heard of some of these! They are such good ideas! I have to check them all out because we are buying kindergarten supplies!

  3. I have never used Swag Bucks or Ebates, but I definitely need to give them a try since I’m always looking for different ways to save money! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

  4. I have always used swagbucks. When I keep up with it I can really earn some great cash with it. I am ready for the kids to start school too!

  5. These are great tips! Shopping online has saved me quite a bit this year. It’s not the same fun experience my eight year old daughter has when she gets to try things on in the store but we’ve had a lot of fashion shows after a knock from delivery drivers!

  6. I absolutely love swagbucks! It has been a great resource for me in saving money…and getting some great extras for pretty low effort!

  7. It’s always nice to be able to save on supplies. I am so glad there are apps for that aside from the usual discounts and coupons. These are awesome ways to save!

  8. Back to school can certainly add up when you start to get everything together so it’s great that there are these programs that can help you save a few dollars here and there

  9. Great suggestions here. One thing we have in Texas that I love is Tax-Free Weekend- a few weekends before school starts. You can get your supplies and clothes without having to pay tax, and it’s wonderful (though the stores do somewhat look like Black Friday!) LOL.

  10. This is my first year with a little one in school and I tell you what so far on uniforms alone i’ve spent a ton. I’m deff. going to look into your helpful hints!

  11. Thanks much for the tips. My sister is always looking for something new whenever it’s this time around. Will be sure to send her the link 🙂

  12. Ebates is my favorite! You can always find really great cash back deals on there. My daughter is going to pre school this year and kindergarten next year so I will need to get on my back to school game.

  13. I need to start my BTS shopping next month. I will have to check out a few of the ways you suggested to save a little money on them.

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