$5 Baby Bag O’ Popcorn Costume

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I absolutely love Halloween. Not only do I get to shove candy in my mouth all night long with no judgement, but dressing up has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Now that I have added children to the mix, I enjoy watching them dress up as their favorite characters even more. However, through the first four children I have to admit that I was a little stumped when it came to costumes for infants.

Babies are hard to dress no matter what. Throw them in a bulky costume and they basically dissolve into the fabric and you can’t figure out what they are of if they are even in there! Not to mention that in my neck of the woods, Halloween is cold, so it’s hard to show of your baby’s cute costume while they are covered in blankets or folded into themselves in the stroller.

My first son I managed to fashion a decent soldier costume in honor of his uncle picmonkey-collagewho graduated boot-camp that October. For my daughter I bought a run of the mill bear suit and attempted to jazz it up with some flowers and bows. My third I made into a super hero using a superman shirt and blue pants with a red cloth diaper on top. Number 4 got a mummy sleep and play as a gift and I called it good. We ended up covering him up with a snow suit anyway to keep him warn so you couldn’t even tell how cute he was as a mummy!

While all of the costumes were cute enough (babies are cute dressed up as anything!) I wasn’t shocked by how amazing they were. Yet, every time I hit up the store to look for a great baby costume, I always found the same 5 choices. Ok , scratch that, there are some absolutely fabulous costumes, if you are willing/able to spend 40+ big ones at the Halloween super store, which I am not. But even, then, those costumes remain much the same year after year so your baby doesn’t get anything unique.

For baby #5 I decided to bite the bullet and delve into a DIY costume project. I searched and searched for the perfect costume and was eventually given the best idea by my bosses girlfriend; popcorn.  YES!! A bag of movie popcorn!

Don’t you love my expression in this pic? I am so un-photogenic!

While I was,  at first, slightly daunted by how I would make the thing, I was super excited by the fact that it looked adorable AND it required that I wear my baby! Easy baby carrying options are always a costume plus, not to mention that babies are so much warmer (and prone to sleep) when snuggled against their mamas.

So I delved right in. Low and behold this was the easiest costume ever, and the cheapest! I spent about $5 (if you don’t have your own glue gun you can bump that number up to 10 but, let’s face it, as a parent you NEED a glue gun anyway) and an hour and half later, VOILA!

Here’s what you need:

3 pieces of white felt
3 pieces of red felt
1 piece of light tan felt
glue gun
some white string
old baby hat

Lay the pieces of white felt out so that they are slightly overlapping (about and wp_20160926_09_46_35_proinch) on their tall edge and glue them together with your trusty gun. If your really savvy you can go ahead and sew all the pieces together but it’s more time consuming and that’s not helpful with a houseful of kids.  Next, cut 12, 1 inch strips (again long ways) of the red felt. At the same time you can draw out your letters for P-O-P-C-O-R-N on the third red felt piece and cut them out.

Glue the red strips to the white felt section with even spaces in between each strip.

Glue your POPCORN letter to the tan felt piece, I suggest making the word look fun wp_20160926_09_47_27_proand not making the letter completely straight. Cut out the tan section with letters giving about a 1/4 of space on the edge and then glue the whole thing to the middle of the white and red striped felt section. You may also want to glue few stray pieces of popcorn around the letters.

Cut a jagged edge on the top long section so that it looks like the lip of a popcorn bag.
I decided to cinch the edges of the bottom of my “popcorn bag” so that it fit more snuggly arowp_20160927_09_09_04_pround my baby. You can choose to do this or not, but it does help the costume to stay on as well as look better. Again, you can sew this if you want, but my trusty glue gun worked just fine.

Next, thread some white string through the corners of your felt project. These string will be used to tie the costume onto you and your baby, so make sure you give each piece enough length to go around you.

Last but not least, go ahead pop yourself a bag of popcorn. Eat half of it, you deserve it. Let the rest cool before you begin gluing pieces to an old baby hat (note: while the hat can be old it must still fit your baby…). Glue as many pieces of popcorn as you cwp_20160926_09_45_01_proan to the hat, some may fall off or you may find yourself snacking throughout the night as you trick or treat.

DONE! You now have an epically adorable costume for your baby! Just strap on your kid and attach the costume to you! To jazz it up a bit more I dressed up a popcorn seller. Some red lipstick and fancy hair along with black dress pants, a white but12188010_10206502952625540_2559380961807283166_oton up shirt and a black sweater, and I looked like I belonged at a casino! I even grabbed a little extra red felt and whipped up a bow tie, cause I’m super cool like that.

nom nom nom nom

I hope you enjoy making your baby look and smell like food. I certainly did. I sniffed his little head all night long on Halloween and dreamed of buttery goodness.

If you decide to give this costume a try I would love to see your finished result! You can leave a comment or email me at bigfitfam@gmail.com



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  1. What a great idea! Cute and practical – its perfect
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