Workout Wednesday #8: Fitness Through Sickness

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I think by now everyone knows that when your body is healthy your mind will follow. You will be less prone to depression, injury and illness.

Nevertheless, germs are freaking everywhere! Between snotty kids, less than cleanly co-workers, and dirty doorknobs EVERYWHERE, everyone is bound to get sick at some point.

Think you had a hard time motivating yourself to workout when you were well? Try getting yourself geared up for a jog or a jot at the gym with a killer cold!

Here’s the thing though, you NEED to continue your workout routine through the sickness. Not only will it actually help you beat the germs faster, kind of like sweating out toxins, but you will feel better after a good hard routine.

There are, of course, some exceptions. If you are nauseous or, God forbid, have jumped straight into vomiting hell, you get a workout pass.  Barfing on the gym floor is bad form. 

Also any chest cold that causes a cough hard enough to create difficulty breathing or asthma like symptoms; you can rest on the couch for a day or so. There will be no dying while working out.

Another one to sit out for is a fever. If you are already running hot you should not get your body temperature even higher with a workout.

Everyone else, strap on your tennis shoes and get a  move on!

I have done plenty of workout outs where I am forced to pause to blow my nose constantly, or cough up a bit of phlegm mid jump rope. Power through my friend.

Yes, it’s gonna suck some serious arse while you do it, but you and your body will feel better for pushing through the burn.

You also don’t have to do your usual routine on a super sick day. You should absolutely try to, but if you just can’t manage it, take it down a notch. Take a jaunty walk around the block or do a in indoor walking workout like the one below from Jessica Smith.

There are plenty of low impact exercises you can do through illness that will still work your body but make you fell less like you want to die.

Another idea is to simply do a “Bro-Lift” day.  Rather than doing high impact HIIT, interval workouts, or compound movements designed to work your muscles while getting your heart rate up, plan on some general lifting moves. Try doing 4 rounds of 25 Bicep Curls, 25 overhead presses, 25 slow squats, 25 hammer curls,  and 25 tricep dips (or press backs). Take a good 2-3 minute break in between rounds so your heart rate doesn’t skyrocket.

Don’t get me wrong, this will get your heart going, but it will do so in less of a cardio fashion that can exacerbate a bad cold.

You can also go for a round of good old fashioned Yoga. I’m not much of a yoga fan, myself. I prefer getting my heart up rather than trying to calm it down. However, there was about a week in October of last year where I was wretchedly ill and just couldn’t do anything bouncy, so I gave it a try. I must admit that, though I prefer a different style of exercise, my muscles still got a good push from this form of fitness. The video below was one of one my favorites.

I know you don’t want to focus on fitness during your sickness. However it is important to continue to mold your body. Push yourself through the hard times and you will see results both in your physical strength and your body’s ability fight germs in the future.

In the past two years, as my husband and I have taken our fitness more seriously, we have seen a massive reduction in the amount of illness we contract and also in the time it takes to recover when we do get sick. With 5 kids bringing home nastiness, CONSTANTLY, this is a big win for us.

So grab a box of tissues and your gym bag, it’s “fitness through sickness” time!




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Sharing Love With A Stranger: Humanity May Prevail After All

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The past 6 months, really the last year, has filled America with a certain anger and hatred that I never thought I would see.

I have seen my most tolerant friends attack entire groups of people for not supporting the right person, I have watched strangers spew hatred at each other and seen families let politics come between them.

This is not a political post; I despise politics. I bring it up only because the last year has really made me question humanity; people who decide to create hate over a single mark on a ballot rather judge a person by the content of their character and actions in every day life. I have been sad, and a little scared by how ruthless people have shown themselves to be.

It took a baby and stranger who desperately needed help, to assuage my fears that our country would fall apart based on a vote; that people are more than their political rants and ravings. Continue reading “Sharing Love With A Stranger: Humanity May Prevail After All”

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A Mattress Finding Journey & GhostBed Review

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My husband, over the last few months, has decided to go on a mattress finding journey of epic proportions.

After MUCH research, meaning INSANE amounts of it, he found the bed-in-a-box mattresses to be especially promising. These beds are delivered to you in a human sized box (don’t get any ideas) and, after careful unwrapping, expand into incredible mattresses! Continue reading “A Mattress Finding Journey & GhostBed Review”

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Workout Wednesday #7: Is Your Restrictive Diet Not Working? Here’s Why

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There are a million and one diets out there that the experts swear will make you drop weight, gain muscle, lose fat, become a new you…blah blah blah.

There’s only one draw back; you can’t eat sugar, carbs, red meat, egg yolks, etc You have to replace dessert, burgers, and bread with kale smoothies, cardboard protein shakes, and raw vegetables.

If you can stick to the extreme guidelines of these diets, their claims are true. Lets face it, though, unless you’re an extremely disciplined athlete, a celebrity getting paid millions to stay on track, or have a personal chef, these diets don’t work for us “normal people.” Continue reading “Workout Wednesday #7: Is Your Restrictive Diet Not Working? Here’s Why”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Best Preschool Books to Show Love

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Preschool books are some of my favorite books to read to my kids, no matter what their ages. Not only are they short and sweet, but they have a way of portraying a lovely idea so well that I end up a little teary eyed!

I have chosen 10 of my favorite preschool books that get me all teary about love for this weeks Fabulous Amazon Friday!

These books are so fun to read all year long, but if you want to get them before Valentine’s Day this year, just click on the prime link and order today to get them by Monday February 13th!

Guess How Much I Love You

This is one of my absolute favorites. My kids love carrying on the loving banter between these two bunnies into their own bedtime routine!

We Belong Together

We recently discovered this book at the library and are all in love with it. It is super short but simply adorable. My 3 year old asks for it every night!

You’re My Little Love Bug

This has been a favorite in my house for years, i can actually recite the whole book by heart, I have read it so many times!

There is also this version, which is the one we own, that has lights and music while you read.

You’re My Little Love Bug [YOURE MY LITTLE LOVE BUG-B]

Little Critter: Just a Little Love

I adore Little Critter books, and this one is just as cute as all the rest!

Love is You & Me.

I think the title and illustration of this book say everything you need to know!

I Love You, Snugglesaurus! (Made with Love)

I have a dinosaur lover in my house, so we are always searching for cute books that feature snuggly rather than scary dinosaurs!

The Biggest Kiss (Classic Board Books)

I love all the classic board books, they are so fun and remind me of my own childhood.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

This book is much like the first book i recommended, but no less adorable or worthy of your book collection. We have both!

I Love You Night and Day

This book is so cute and says just what I want my children to know with much less crying and fumbling!

On the Night You Were Born

This is one that always gets a little teary stumbling down memory lane. My kids always give me an extra hug after reading this so it is one of my favs!

What are your favorite books to read your children?

*I receive a commission for anything purchased through the links provided. HOWEVER, my opinions and recommendations are my own and are not based on any retailer’s endorsement or guidance.

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Workout Wednesday’s #6: 10 Minute Standing Abs

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How have we made it to week 6 already!?

I hope everyone has found something that they enjoy in this series so far. Whether it be inspiration, a great new workout, help on correct form, motivation, etc.

I am truly enjoying this weekly series and look forward to continuing them all year long!

For today I have put together a great, 10 minute, abdominal workout! It’s a quickie, and who doesn’t have time for that! Ha! Continue reading “Workout Wednesday’s #6: 10 Minute Standing Abs”

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