7 Steps To Create The Best NICU Care Package

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As human beings we instinctively want to help others when they are faced with trauma, difficult situations, or a celebratory milestones. We bring new mothers home cooked meals and freeze-ables so they can focus on their new baby, we send soldiers baby wipes and extra socks, we bring flowers and junk food to grieving friends. Most situations that call for care packages are fairly obvious to us, as are the ingredients for that heartwarming parcel. But what about an event that is momentous in 3096977612_83501ae718_mboth in its joy and it’s struggle?

Premature birth or sickness that results in a stay at the NICU is one of the biggest fears mothers harbor throughout pregnancy, so when it occurs it creates a nightmare feeling of helplessness as well as a simple, yet wonderful delight in meeting their little one. Along with the normal difficulties that come with a newborn including lack of sleep, hormonal changes, recovering from labor, etc., mother’s of NICU babies can add a myriad of questions and concerns to their stress load. When will I be able to take my baby home, or even hold him/her? Will my baby be developmentally behind others her age? Will I be able to breastfeed? Will I not be able to bond as well with my baby? Continue reading “7 Steps To Create The Best NICU Care Package”

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$5 Baby Bag O’ Popcorn Costume

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I absolutely love Halloween. Not only do I get to shove candy in my mouth all night long with no judgement, but dressing up has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Now that I have added children to the mix, I enjoy watching them dress up as their favorite characters even more. However, through the first four children I have to admit that I was a little stumped when it came to costumes for infants.

Babies are hard to dress no matter what. Throw them in a bulky costume and they basically dissolve into the fabric and you can’t figure out what they are of if they are even in there! Not to mention that in my neck of the woods, Halloween is cold, so it’s hard to show of your baby’s cute costume while they are covered in blankets or folded into themselves in the stroller.

My first son I managed to fashion a decent soldier costume in honor of his uncle picmonkey-collagewho graduated boot-camp that October. For my daughter I bought a run of the mill bear suit and attempted to jazz it up with some flowers and bows. My third I made into a super hero using a superman shirt and blue pants with a red cloth diaper on top. Number 4 got a mummy sleep and play as a gift and I called it good. We ended up covering him up with a snow suit anyway to keep him warn so you couldn’t even tell how cute he was as a mummy! Continue reading “$5 Baby Bag O’ Popcorn Costume”

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The Rusty Bucket; My Restaurant Away From Home

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I LOVE to eat dinner out. I get a reprieve from cooking and all the mess that comes with it, plus I get to try new foods and flavor profiles and enjoy a cocktail I could not manage on my own. A good cocktail can get me out the door most days! Sadly, with a 7 person household and a small budget, we don’t get out as much as we would like.  When we do manage, we look for decent prices, a menu that is interesting with foods that are appealing yet out of the norm, a place that is family friendly but also offers the ambience for a casual date, and some sort of entertainment. Let me tell you, there are few restaurants that offer all of these amenities.

However, I finally found my restaurant away from home.
The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern, with their new location at The Orchard Town Center in NE Westminster, meets all of my stringent standards and goes above and beyond with additional programs and incentives that will have me returning as a regular guest. Continue reading “The Rusty Bucket; My Restaurant Away From Home”

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Why Is Your Kid Dressed Like a Floozy?

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Picking my children up from school I am constantly in shock by the clothing that mother’s feel is appropriate attire around children.

However, I am even more flabbergasted by what I see children wearing; a girl from my daughters 2nd grade class wearing thigh high hooker boots, shorts that are more kin to daisy dukes, high heals that would make me nervous to walk in, backless tops without a camisole underneath, my daughter’s best friend in red lipstick….WTF IS GOING ON WITH OUR CHILDREN!!!! 2842609804_058218c205_m

When did it become OK for our little girls to dress like adults? For them to be tiny fashionistas and, let’s face it, a pedophiles dream come true? Why don’t we want our children to act and look like CHILDREN?

Every mother wants her daughter to look cute, we take a selfish turn every now and then and just want to show off how beautiful our little girls are. I understand that, I’ve done it. But it can be done without hooker heals and makeup, without shorts that are smaller than my underwear.  I know, I know, mother’s are dealing with a lot pressure from their little ones who, in this age of technology, see pop and movie stars at every twist and turn and desperately want to emulate their glamour and style. Um, you’re the mom, buck up, and say NO. You get to choose weather or not your kid looks like a tiny Mariah Carry. I choose NO, and I absolutely judge your parenting if you say YES. Continue reading “Why Is Your Kid Dressed Like a Floozy?”

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Great Halloween Crafts

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These super simple Halloween crafts are great fun for kids of all ages, easy on your budget, and are wonderful keepsakes. In this post you will learn how to make Spooky Spiders out of milk jug tops,  pumpkins and ghosts from felt pieces, Salt Dough keepsakes, Simple footprint ghosts that will help make your home ready for Halloween for years to come!

DIY Spooky Spiders Last year I got inspired this time of year to make a “Bottle of Boo’s.”  I wp_20151006_008-1      was not only impressed by the outcome but by my motivation to start said project and ACTUALLY finish it! This year I decided my bottle needed something a little extra at the top where the cork once lived and began rummaging around in our ever disorganized craft box for ideas.  After spilling a container of beads and managing to entangle myself in a wad of string I came out with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and our trusty glue gun.  The base for our spiders would be a milk carton top, and as we go through about 5 gallons of milk a week these are easy to come by for us and in enough quantities for all my kids to participate.

To start, warm up your glue gun and choose 3-4 colors of pipe cleaners for each spider. for our spiders we were short on some of the colors that we really wanted so we ended up adding extra colors for filler or more legs.  wp_20151007_002

Just take your milk cap, or whatever small round object you decided to use (a rock, cap…toy car wheel?) and start wrapping pipe cleaners around it from the bottom up.   Apply the glue in small increments and have the kids pull the pie cleaners into it so that it sticks, just be careful that they keep their fingers out of the glue as it can be pretty hot.  Continue reading “Great Halloween Crafts”

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My First FabFitFun Box

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School has started, halloween decorations are crowding the stores, and cooler temperatures have definitely arrived, at least in my neck of the woods. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love fall, I am not ready for summer to end! For this reason, the summer fafitfun box made my week when it came in the mail yesterday!
Don’t know what a fabfitfun box is? Let me enlighten you! Fabfitfun is a package received with each season containing amazing, full sized, superior products valued at over $200! You pay just $49.99 per box! $200 a year for 4 packages filled with seasonal , quality products? Count me in!

I was originally a little skeptical, I have to admit. I am terrible about spending any money on myself, there is little to no indulgence on my side. But I decided to give it a try and I LOVE it.

Also you can receive $10 off your order with my special offer code if you order today!

Not convinced? Check out my favorite products from the box- burt’s bees BB cream, gorgeous lip-gloss, popsicle molds (my kids immediately stole k5nts2lfk9yantdaechlck0ahh_ottwhp9rd1126w1qthese) a yoga towel (I DO NOT do yoga, but I love the towel, it’s super soft and perfect for my baby), a cute beach bag (perfect all my kids junk they make me tote everywhere) and so much more!

Indulge yourself a little bit and try out the summer fabfitfun box before it’s gone! Keep fall away for a tad bit longer with amazing products just for you.  Seriously, don’t let your kids mooch off this box, you deserve a little pampering!

Just click this fabfitfun link and use code AFFILIATE10 for $10 off.

I hope you enjoy it as much I do!

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Heirloom Family Pumpkin Craft

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Fall is in the air! It isn’t here quite yet, but you can see it in the Halloween decorations lining the shelves, smell it in the pumpkin EVERYTHING coming from local coffee shops, and feel it with those slightly chillier nights. So this weekend I decided I’d better jump on the fall band wagon and get to crafting something orange!

I haven’t quite gotten into the full Halloween spirit yet, so I didn’t want to attack anything scary or spider themed. I settledwp_20160913_08_21_10_pro on something that can be a centerpiece for Thanksgiving and a cute side item for Halloween and that also appeals to my emotional “mom” state. Emotional moms love things that cement their children’s ages for the future. Anything with pictures, footprints, or hand-prints. So we made a family pumpkin.

For this project you will need;
1) Everyone living in your home who you consider family
2) A fake pumpkin large enough to fit the largest hand (we got ours at Walmart for $10, it was called a craft carving pumpkin, whatever that means) in whatever color you prefer
3) Acrylic paint, or any other permanent paint that you feel comfortable using. You will need a different color for each member of your family.

Pretty easy list right? We already had the paint and the people lying around so all we had to purchase was the pumpkin. A family keepsake for $10 that will make me cry yearly until I die? Totally worth it. Continue reading “Heirloom Family Pumpkin Craft”

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