10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me As A New Mom

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Sleep when the baby sleeps; seriously just

f*cking do it

This is one of those pieces of advice that EVERY new mom gets and that EVERY new mom scoffs at.

“How am I supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps?! I have cleaning to do and laundry to drown in! AHHHHHH!”

I didn’t listen for the first few of my babies either ladies…And then one day after baby #4 I was so exhausted, so needed to heal my body and mind, that I said F*ck it and took a nap with my baby each day for a week.  Guess what? My house didn’t explode, my husband thanked me for not being an a crazy-sleep-deprived-wacko, and no one judged me that I had dirty dishes in the sink.

Even if it’s just a 15 minute snooze, cuddle up with that baby (or next to the bassinet if you aren’t a co-sleeper) and close your eyes to the craziness that your world has become. Rejuvenate for a minute, you deserve it and you NEED it!


Did you know that there is this terrible and extremely common fungus that makes your nipples feel like they are being peeled off of your body layer by layer? Neither did I with my first baby!

If i hadn’t had to take my son in for a checkup and mentioned that breastfeeding SUCKED, I would have quit nursing. The pain was that intense! I cried with every feeding and didn’t understand why my nips were cracking and bleeding and none of the creams were working!

So if you feel like your nipples are on fire and it’s suddenly EXTREMELY painful to nurse your little one, head to the pediatrician and ask about thrush. The medicine is cheap and easy to administer to your baby’s mouth and all you have to do is grab some OTC Monistat 7 and rub it on your boobies after each feeding.

Breastfeeding is not always easy or comfortable

Aside from the fact that thrush is a B*tch, nursing is not easy for a variety of reasons.

No one mentioned to me that doing the most natural thing in the world with my baby might not also be the easiest!

For starters, your nips hurt for like two weeks when your baby first comes into the world. I was literally one feeding away from giving up when my breasts finally stopped hurting and got used to the constant sucking. Your body getting used to a tiny leach that could suck start a leaf blower is just one breastfeeding obstacle. Many women also struggle with their babies failing to latch properly, constant paranoia that they aren’t producing enough milk, discomfort from producing too much milk, leakage, struggling with milk production, milk SPRAYING!!!….

It’s an endless list/battle. Thankfully, they have fantastic lactation specialists to help with most of these issues, but it doesn’t really reduce the stress that trying to naturally feed your baby can cause!

Sleep Solutions

Omg this baby won’t sleep! The exhaustion can be overwhelming and it is only exacerbated by the astounding number of sleep “solutions” out there. Check out your local mommy facebook group for extreme judgements about each one!

First of all, try to remember that it is normal for babies to suck at sleep and refer to suggestion number 1 in this post! Second, when baby is old enough for sleep training, find what works for your family…Also stay off social media about your preferred sleep choice as other mom’s can be pretty snotty about this subject and you don’t need added stress!

Whatever you choose, it may work, and it may not….

Either way, you’re a mom, expect to be tired for the next FOREVER….sleep deprivation or not, it’s totally worth it.

You don’t have to do anything you aren’t ready for

New mom’s often feel a lot of pressure to host family and friends right after birth. After all , everyone wants to see that adorable bundle of joy and bring tiny clothes and gifts. If you are a host savvy person this may work just fine for you. However, many women simply feel overwhelmed having company while they are recovering. YOU CAN SAY NO.

Seriously, you can. Your body’s just been ravaged and you are getting used to a tiny person who cries and poops on you constantly. If you aren’t ready for visitors to your home, say so.

No one who matters will judge you, and anyone who does can suck it. Your baby will still be with you in a week or two when your body has recovered and you and your tiny person have come to an understanding. He or she will still be tiny and adorable for everyone to fawn over, I promise.

So do what’s right for you. Don’t add any stress to a new situation that is already daunting!

Did I miss anything?! What did you feel was left out of the parenting books when you welcomed your first baby? also please check out my article on why i haven’t found out the gender of my last three children until birth, here!

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