10 Fabulous Homemade Gifts For Teachers and School Staff!

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Our children’s teachers are not just educators. They are a part of our kids’ daily lives and a part of their hearts.  In fact, for many people, their kids see more of their teacher on any given day than they do their parents! For all their hard work, their patience, their devotion and personal and monetary contributions, teachers deserve recognition and appreciation from all of us. However, The holidays can be a difficult time of year for many parents. For us, with 4 kids in school and an already tight budget, it’s hard to find an appropriately appreciative gift that also fits our monetary constraints. Therefore, we often make gifts for our teachers. Here is a list of the best homemade gifts for teachers and school staff!

Book Page Apple

I love this idea from HymnsAndVerses.com. If you can find out the favorite book of your childs’ teacher you can order it used for only a few dollars. Or you can simply go the thrift store and pick up a book for a dollar or two! Bam! You spent less than $5 for a gift that shows a love for reading and for the teacher who taught you how!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Themed Scarves

Jen of JENerallyInformed.com has come up with a great gift that your kids’ can make on their own!My children love giving gifts to their teachers, but creating the gift themselves gives them a special sense of accomplishment and pride!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub from Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated with Anne Marie is a great to show teachers some love. After 4 months of teaching and corralling children, these pros deserve a little TLC!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Apple Mason Jars

My kids also love to give gifts that they can see in the classroom each day. Desiree from the36thavenue.com created these super cute apple mason jars for holding candy, snacks, or even supplies like paper clips!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers


I love this wreath from SeptemberNinth. It’s such a great addition to any classroom! My kiddos will be making these for their teaches this year!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Stenciled Trivets

White House Crafts came up with these adorable trivets, or coasters, that your kids can eaily help make! With all the coffee your teacher needs to get through early mornings with 30 kids, these will come in handy!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Pencil Holder

This great pen holder from East Coast Mommy costs a total of $3 when you get your supplies at the dollar store!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Weekly Wall Planner

This wall planner from CampusRiot.com is perfect for the teacher life! Whether they use it at home or in the classroom they will love it!10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Scrabble art

I love this idea! Scrabble is always available for $1-$2 at my local thrift store. Combine tiles along with a super cute shabby chic frame and some words associated with teaching, and you’ve got yourself and great gift!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

Mason Jar Plants

I love giving gifts that last to teachers and staff. These planters from LiveRandomlySimple.com are adorable, thoughtful, and will make a beautiful addition to any desk!

10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers


What are your favorite holiday gifts for teachers?

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10 Homemade Gifts For Teachers

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