Genetics: It’s All My Fault

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I remember with my first child when the nurse asked us an hours worth of questions about our genetic history. Was there down syndrome in the family? How about cancer or blood disorders? I was initially somewhat terrified.

This was the first moment that I realized just how responsible I was for everything this child would go through, whether I could control it or not, their health and happiness was riding on my parenting as well as my genes.

This was the first moment that I realized just how responsible I was for everything this child… Click To Tweet

Luckily my husband and I both have rather hearty genetics. My only health issue is living with one kidney, which people do easily everyday, so not really a big deal.

So I thought.

With my third child, my 20 week ultrasound found that one of his kidneys wasn’t function well, his heart had fluid around it, and his risk for down syndrome had increased to a chance of 1/300.

I cried for days. I had no control over what was happening to the child I had not yet met but already loved so dearly. I have never felt so helpless.

Luckily, he was born perfectly normal aside from one kidney being a bit of a bother. Our pediatric urologist was wonderful, doing all tests that were necessary but trying to do everything to keep him from surgery or invasive tests if possible.

Just before his 5th birthday this year, my son’s kidney decided it no longer wanted to be a part of his functioning little body.

I was left reeling once again. Following his ultrasound a year ago, everything looked so good that we were hopeful this would be his final year of monitoring. No more worrying!

My Superman, showing everyone how brave he was while waiting for his second IV…

Wrong. We were sent through a new battering of tests, much more difficult with a just turned 6 year old than an infant.

The results revealed a need for surgery to remove the kidney before major infection or discomfort could set in.

I did this to him. My genes have caused him pain and us non stop worry. How does a parent get passed that guilt?

I did this to him. My genes have caused him pain and us non stop worry. How does a parent get… Click To Tweet

I am lucky to have a very large support system as we head down this path, but mostly I get through the guilt when I look at my son. My 6 year old is so brave, he is superman to me.

Being so young he doesn’t really understand what is coming, though his older brother has revealed more than I would have chosen to tell him.  Yet he smiles in the face of impending surgery and looks forward to a few days of video game playing and popsicles.

He always sees the bright side. And that is the beauty and strength of children. It gives me strength as well.

My son always sees the bright side. And that is the beauty and strength of children. It gives me… Click To Tweet

Funny that a grown woman would need to gather strength from a small child, but I find that I learn more from my children than I ever learned in school.

I have also learned that my husband’s aunt had to have a kidney removed at age 7….So maybe it’s not ALL my fault.

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Fabulous Amazon Friday: Family Game Night!

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Welcome to Fabulous Amazon Fridays! I love sharing my expertise and personal style, and what better way to do that than through one of the largest online shopping networks available today!

Due to the cool winter weather here in Colorado, we have been stuck inside a lot lately forcing us to find things to do that don’t make 7 people go completely insane! Thus, we have turned to our favorite board games to keep us entertained, with family bonding as a nice addition!

There are a MILLION games out there for kiddos these days though…and having 5 kids, we have had a pass at nearly all of them in some fashion. Continue reading “Fabulous Amazon Friday: Family Game Night!”

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Workout Wednesday’s #2: At Home Tabata Workout!

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Happy Wednesday Friends!
It's time to kick of this hump day with installment #2 of Workout Wednesday's! Click To Tweet

Last week I went over how to properly do a push-up, squat, and deadlift. This week, I thought it would be great to incorporate a few of these moves in a workout that is great for every fitness level.

The Tabata workout it is a Crossfit workout that consists of 8 rounds of a one movement. One round consists of 20 seconds of work and ten seconds of rest. We repeat these rounds with 4 total movements. Continue reading “Workout Wednesday’s #2: At Home Tabata Workout!”

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Mother Of The Year Contest – LOST

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At the end of each year, every mother is excited for the start of a new year.  It’s a time for planning trips, making resolutions, and of course for a new Mother Of The Year Contest!

The winner of this contest is the BEST mother in the world. This mother never yells, she smiles and guides her children with care; she is always well dressed with her hair coiffed and make-up carefully applied. This mother volunteers at all school events, attends PTO meetings with pride, knows her children’s teacher’s birthdays and brings coffee to the school office staff on cold, frosty mornings. Continue reading “Mother Of The Year Contest – LOST”

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Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Kids Fitness!

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Welcome to another installment of Fabulous Amazon Friday’s! Thanks for stopping by!

This week, as I have also debued the very first episode of Workout Wednesday’s with 3 Key Moves And Their Proper Form, I thought it might be prudent to continue the fitness trend, but also involve the kiddos!

In a day an age of video games and endless technological devices to occupy our children’s hands and minds, it can be hard to get them into a “workout” mindset. Therefore, I find it best to simply head back to basics when I want my children to exert some physical energy.

For kids, fitness should be about PLAYING! It should not be about a 30 minute drag-ass session of aerobics or weight training. Not only are their bodies not ready for this kind of work, but their minds will be bored to tears and they will never want to do it again. Continue reading “Fabulous Amazon Friday’s: Kids Fitness!”

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Workout Wednesday’s #1!!! 3 Key Moves And Their Proper Form

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Welcome to the very first installment of Workout Wednesday’s!

Each Wednesday I hope to inspire others to be healthier, stronger in mind and body.

Whether that means introducing you to a new workout that I enjoy, creating my own workout to share, giving my opinion on dieting and food, or simply offering advice on how to find time in your schedule for YOU, each Wednesday will offer something for the healthier side of life, physically and mentally. Continue reading “Workout Wednesday’s #1!!! 3 Key Moves And Their Proper Form”

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Goodbye 2016, I’m Not Sure I’ll Miss You, But I Will Remember You

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I’m not a big fan of reviewing my year for my readers….I can’t imagine that anyone wants an overview of the minute details of my mostly mundane life.

However, 2016 has been a year filled with ups and downs, unanswered questions, disappointment, new adventures, and a whole lot of love.

So rather than share my everyday life for the last 365 days, I would rather share some revelations from this year; the things that I have seen more clearly or loved more dearly. Continue reading “Goodbye 2016, I’m Not Sure I’ll Miss You, But I Will Remember You”

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