What Cord Blood Registry Means To Me & Why I Wish I Had Used It 7 Years ago

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*This post is sponsored by Cord Blood Registry, but the opinions expressed here are my own*

Cord blood banking has been something that I have heard about off and on over the last few years. However, while I have been interested, it has also been something I have felt was beyond my reach.  Over the last 12 months, I have come to realize all the potential benefits that come with cord blood banking with CBR.

What is Cord Blood Banking?

Through Cord Blood Registry (CBR) your newborn’s stem cells can be preserved for later use n case they or an immediate family member is diagnosed with a condition that is treated with stem cells.  These stem cells come from the baby’s umbilical cord which is made up of both tissue and blood that are rich in these powerful stem cells.

Cord Blood Registry

I was surprised to discover that cord blood has been used for over 30 years to treat over 80 serious diseases including certain blood cancers, immune and metabolic disorders and other conditions relating to blood. They are even currently researching how cord blood could possibly help with autism, hearing loss and cerebral palsy! Check THIS link for cord blood uses and research.

Why CBR is important to me

I’ve learned first-hand that life can be unexpected. When I was pregnant with my third child, we were told that the baby had significant kidney problems that could create a need for an early birth or immediate treatment as a newborn. Thankfully, he was born healthy and we were able to monitor his kidney’s through ultrasounds for the next few years. While his right kidney healed completely, his left was only about 25% functional, but wasn’t causing any problems. Therefore, there was no need for any invasive treatments. 12 months ago, his little body decided it could no longer function properly with a partially dead kidney and his urologist told us that he needed surgery to remove it or he would go into septic shock.

Cord Blood Registry

While putting a 6 year old through major surgery was stressful, the thought of something happening to my son’s only functioning kidney is even more terrifying. People live long, healthy lives with one kidney all the time. But what happens if something damages his one good kidney and he needs a transplant? What if his body rejects the new kidney or he encounters complications that cause other issues? While I know we may not be able use his cord blood for his condition, it has taught me that unexpected things can happen. Cord blood is being researched for a variety of unexpected conditions today that may occur over a lifetime, like stroke and heart disease and I feel good knowing that my family may have access to this resource in the future.  

Cord Blood Registry


We never know what life will throw at us. And while I will pray every day that no one in my family will need a stem cell transplant or a possible stem cell therapy that may be available in the future, if we decide to keep growing our family, cord blood banking with CBR will be a part of that plan. I know I will feel better having banked my child’s newborn stem cells and that our family may have an option that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

During the last 30 years more than 40,000 cord blood transplants using cord blood from public and private banks have been performed. That is a large enough number to make me want to become more educated on this topic.

Can my family afford it?

One thing that has kept me from doing more research on this topic over the years is the fear of the cost. However, the more research I have done, the more I have realized that I can’t afford to NOT bank with CBR. If there is a chance that newborn stem cells may be of use to my family in the future, then that is priceless to me.

Cord Blood Registry

Luckily, CBR is actually extremely affordable and also offers budget friendly payment options that will fit almost any family budget. CBR has also created a gift registry option where friends and family can contribute to the cost, either as part of baby showers or simply to show a little extra love while you are expecting. As we have had so many babies already, I won’t be getting another baby shower with the next kiddo, so we will definitely be utilizing the gift registry as a simple yet helpful option for anyone wanting to contribute a newborn gift.

PLUS, if a sibling or parent to a newborn has been diagnosed with a disease that stem cells are currently treating, that family could qualify for CBR’s  Newborn Possibilities Program® assists families with a qualifying medical need by covering all costs of cord blood banking and processing for 5 full years.

Hopefully your family does not yet have a need for stem cells. However saving money is always a plus, so CBR is offering a discount code for $200 off initial fees when you fill in your info at cordblood.com.

Where Can I get more information?

Whether you choose to bank with Cord Blood Registry (CBR) or not, being educated on this topic is important. Advancements in stem cell science and research are taking place and having the knowledge to make decisions regarding stem cells in the future isn’t something to take lightly. Check out this quick video for a great introduction to Cord Blood Banking 101.

CBR is a resource for expecting parents in many ways. Their website will give you access to all the information you need to answer all your questions about newborn stem cell preservation. Simply head to cordblood.com. They even offer a social community and blog with educational information on prenatal nutrition and suggestions for labor and delivery, etc.

If you are interested in learning more, fill out your information HERE and you will receive a code for $200 off initial fees!

Cord Blood Registry

I don’t know what the future holds for my family, but I do know that if we are blessed with another baby, we will be banking with CBR to help ensure the health of those we love in the years to come.

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Break Summer Boredom With Kids Obstacle Challenge!

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I don’t know what it is about summer, but my children suddenly lose all of their ability to find fun things to do on their own. In my desire to keep them away from constantly twiddling their thumbs with video games and also create lasting memories, I thought the Kids Obstacle Challenge would be super fun! Judging from the picture below, I think we can call it a success!

This was quite a change from their before the race picture!

I have always wanted to have an obstacle course adventure with my kids, and this is definitely the best one around! Especially because parents run FREE and kids can run as many times they want simply by purchasing an additional $5 band!!!

With rock walls, mud pits, rope swings, cargo nets and more, this course was the perfect combination of difficulty and fun! The length is about 1.5-2 miles, and I was impressed with how hard my kids worked to beat me! They were tiny beasts of agility and fitness!

I got my 7 and 9 year old to run with me again…what rockstars!

This is such a great way to beat the couch potato mentality!  Plus, I was so happy with how proud of themselves they were!

Taking pride in your accomplishments is a big deal as kid, such a big deal that they were super nice to each other and didn’t fight for over an hour! That alone is worth the trip in my book!

From our youngest runner at age 5, up to our oldest, age 11, everyone had a blast! My husband had perhaps the best time as he and our 5 year old pretended they were soldiers as they army crawled through the jungle (AKA mud pit). 

Everyone also earned a really awesome medal for their hard work that they will treasure for a lifetime! Viktor (age 5) keeps telling us how grateful he is that he finally got to earn his very own medal. They key word here is EARN. He EARNED it, working hard and using skills to complete a fun, yet challenging set of obstacles. I am so proud of him and all my runners for delving right in and having fun while kicking butt!

Aside from all the fun we had running the course, Kids Obstacle Challenge also set up a fantastic warm up section and got the kids all riled up to run by squirting them with giant squirt guns as they did jumping jacks and squats!

There are more of these courses coming up in Arizona and Washington as well as in Las Angeles, Sacramento,  San Diego and the Bay Area of California! Register now to get early bird times and prices! Plus, my readers receive an extra 15% off tickets with code MUDDYFUN15! Just head to Kids Obstacle Challenge to view the coupon and then click “website” to buy your tickets and get more information!

Give your kids the chance to release their inner beast and push themselves, all while getting covered in mud together as a family! Prepare to Brave Your Adventure and have some family fun!



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Family Day At The Monster Truck Rally!

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When I think of American activities that inspire fun and patriotism, a handful of things come immediately to mind: fireworks, corndogs, and MONSTER TRUCKS!

My family has a BIG love of BIG trucks! We spend hours watching monster trucks on youtube and my boys have been begging for some real life monster truck action for years! This past weekend, we were finally able to indulge and go to a real live monster truck rally in Wyoming. Though we live in Colorado, the drive was absolutely worth it!

Mega Promotions’s huge Monster Truck Tour started last weekend in Laramie, Wyoming! Throughout the rest of the summer the tour slowly progresses north through Wyoming into Gillette, Sheridan, and finally into Helena Montana. You have to check out this amazing event! I love the American flag flying high and respected the prayer for safe travel and fun at the beginning of this show.

It was incredible to be able to walk around these giants and see just how huge they are in real life! 

We got to see Cyclops, Dragon Slayer, Kamikaze, and Wicked duel it out in a wheelie competition that my kids won’t ever forget!

Plus, Dragon Slayer’s driver happens to be the #9 Monster Truck driver in the world and is the father of Kamikaze’s driver! After an awesome competition Kamikaze came out with the win against his dad for the first time EVER!

It was so much fun for us to each choose our favorite truck and root and holler against each other! My 9 year old daughter, who I thought would be the least interested (besides her baby sister!) actually had the most fun with this! We bother chose WICKED to root for cause this truck was so unique!

While the Monster trucks rested their wheels we were treated to some amazing stunts by a trick bike crew, an adorable race with kids ride-on cars by two 5 year olds, and a doonbuggy race for time! 

During intermission we were able to get Snow cones and cotton candy, catch rides on the Rumble Bus Monster Bus for $10 and also let our kids get their wiggles out on a bouncy house!

Perhaps our favorite part of the Monster Truck show was the FREESTYLE COMPETITION! This is where the trucks get to come out and show off to the very best of their ability with high flying jumps, massive wheelies, and mud spurting doughnuts!

One thing we did not think to bring, was ear protection. Let me tell you these Monster Trucks ROAR just like a real monster would! We were able to stem some noise by stuffing tissues in the kids’ ears, however I would definitely suggest bringing some ear plugs or covers when you attend, especially if you have little ones.  Once she realized we were’t feeding her to T-Rex, our 9 month old got used to things and settled in, however our 3 year old was happiest with his head on someone’s lap covered up with a jacket…Though he didn’t really see any monster trucks in action, he insists it was still the best day of his life and won’t stop asking for monster truck themed clothing and toys or when we will be going back!

We were even able to get our souvenirs signed by the amazing drivers after the show. They were extremely polite and happy to talk to the kids about driving their own trucks someday!

I am always looking for ways to keep my kids occupied during the summer months. Above everything, however, I want to create memories with them that will last a lifetime! This show was a huge hit for this summer and the memory will last for many summers to come!

Check out the Mega Promotions  page to buy tickets for their next show or just to get more information!


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The Best Monster Truck Show Around!

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My family has  BIG love of BIG trucks! We spend hours watching monster trucks on youtube and my boys have been begging for some real like monster truck action for years! Well, we are finally going to be able to indulge our love of big trucks and go the best monster truck show around!

Mega Promotions has a huge Monster Truck Tour that starts THIS WEEKEND in Laramie, Wyoming! After this weekend the tour slowly progresses north through Wyoming into Gillette, Sheridan, and finally into Helena Montana.

I am always looking for ways to keep my kids occupied during the summer months. Above everything, however, I want to create memories with them that will last a lifetime! I think heading to the best monster truck show will be a big hit for this summer and the memory will last for many summers to come!

I can’t wait to watch these monster trucks crush and smash, jump and grind up the dirt! Even more, I am so excited to see my kids faces as they watch! For us this a once in a lifetime opportunity to see our kids wonder and joy as cars are destroyed by monsters!

I showed my kids the below Mega Promotions video to get them all riled up!

If you can’t join us this weekend, make time for another Saturday or Sunday this summer! Check out their events scheduled buy tickets here!

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Winc – A Better Way To Find And Receive Wine

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Mom’s have a reputation for loving their wine.  I am certainly guilty of adding to this stereotype! However, I really suck at finding good wine that is a good fit for me. I tend to buy what looks nice on the shelf and not be super impressed with the flavor. That’s why I am so excited to try  Winc!

Winc is not your traditional wine club; they personalize the entire wine experience –  perfecting how wine is made, distributed, perceived and purchased via their Palate Profile quiz that recommends wine based on each individuals unique tastes! It takes the hassle and guesswork out of picking a bottle from your local liquor store and delivers the perfect bottles directly to your doorstep.  No more intimidating language and steep price points, and more joy in the act of sharing a bottle.

My Readers Save $22 Off Your First Month of Winc! Simply go to: www.trywinc.com/usfamilyguide

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Summer Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten with Avid4 Adventure Camps!

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With summer approaching fast, I, like most parents, am scrambling to make sure my kids have plenty of things to do to keep boredom at bay! For my older children, this is not as challenging. There seems to be million opportunities for kids over 7. However, for my younger kiddos, ages 3-6, I have a harder time finding camp-like activities that I am also comfortable sending them to alone.

My Preschooler is super smart, very curious, and easily bored…so we need some seriously great programming!

Pre-K Summer Camp Continue reading “Summer Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten with Avid4 Adventure Camps!”

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Looking for The Best Colorado Summer Camp For Your Kids? Avid4 Adventure Is #1!

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One thing I fight with my kids about ALL year long, is screen time. It feels like as soon as they walk in from school or wake up on Saturday morning they are begging to watch or play something on a device!

Between the appeal of YouTube, all the gaming systems and their specialized games, Netflix, etc.  my “mom” activities simply can’t compete. Which means I am constantly shooing them outside and trying to come up with things that will keep them occupied, stimulated, and growing in various skills.

With 6 kids at home, this is something I cannot do on my own and why I am so happy to have Avid4Adventure Summer Camps in Colorado! Continue reading “Looking for The Best Colorado Summer Camp For Your Kids? Avid4 Adventure Is #1!”

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Tangy, Protein-Packed, Avocado Salad with AllWhites®

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This post is sponsored by AllWhites but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I don’t know about you, but parenting along with attempting to maintain a fitness regimen AND eating healthy, is a difficult feat to say the least! That’s why I love AllWhites® 100% real liquid egg whites for my family. Not only do they provide me with the protein my body needs for building lean muscle, but I can make my family easy, healthy snacks that they love! One of my favorites is a protein-packed salad with avocados!

Since the birth of my 6th baby 7 months ago, I have really struggled to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight. I have found myself indulging in too much sugar and not enough protein. AllWhites® has helped me add protein to my diet without the added fat of many meats and cheeses and thus is helping me toward my fitness and weight loss goals!

I recently came up with a delicious, protein packed, tangy, avocado salad for my family using AllWhites®. It is delicious on toast, as a sandwich or even as a dip! Click To Tweet

There are so many great recipes that you can use with AllWhitesPlease let me know what you think of my Tangy, Protein-Packed Avocado Salad! Continue reading “Tangy, Protein-Packed, Avocado Salad with AllWhites®”

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